Welcome to the High Desert Yarn Blog!

My name is Joanna, but I also go by wife, mom, runner, and crochet creator. I live in the Sulphur, OK with my husband, two kids (boy + girl), and three dogs. We are a National Park Service family, and have lived in several National Parks in America. Our current park is Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

High Desert Yarn was born in Grand Canyon National Park among the tall Ponderosa Pine trees, crystal clear blue skies, and abundant wildlife. The natural surroundings is where my crochet inspiration comes from–bringing those natural colors to apparel items and home decor.

At High Desert Yarn, I create lovely apparel and decor that…

• Inspires women to live a life of ADVENTURE
• Bolsters women to see the JOY in their world
• Empowers women to display CONFIDENCE in their true selves

Every time a customer wears one of my pieces, creates one of my designs, or reads a blog post, I want to spark each of these values in her life. I want her to leave High Desert Yarn with the gumption to tackle her own adventures.

When I’m not crocheting or writing, I spend my time out in the garden, running through my neighborhood, or in the kitchen with a new recipe. Coffee is queen in my house, and I’ll never run out of dark chocolate!


I love sharing my great ideas with fellow makers, and showing off their lovely ideas, too. You are more than welcome to share any of these blog posts, or patterns on social media or your website! However, please do not claim, or sell, any of my pictures or patterns as your own. You may sell the finished product from any of these patterns. I would greatly appreciate it if you linked back to me as the original designer as applicable.

Thank you for understanding, and respecting this policy!

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