Inside – Every home needs a little touch of cozy – the Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket gives any space the right amount of comfort. Keep reading to learn more about this crochet pattern.

The Story of Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket

When I think of this name, Skipping Pebbles, I think of the little creek in Chickasaw National Park. Chickasaw NP was my refuge while living in Oklahoma. If that little patch of wild didn’t exist, I’m not sure how I would have spent my time in Oklahoma. Probably taking my chickens for a walk.

Chickasaw NP doesn’t hold the grandness of the national park jewels, like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon. Instead, it stands as the best playground for everyday people. You don’t a fancy backpack or trekking poles to hike these trails. Just your feet, and desire to put one foot in front of the other.

These woods with its creeks, ponds, lakes would be the safest habitat for Mr. & Mrs. Mallard to raise their ducklings. It was the perfect place to raise my little ducklings. Flat, dirt trails wandering through leafy green trees. Endless pebbles to ker-plunk into the babbling creek. The scene is every bit idyllic and real all at once.

The Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket to captures the rugged, whimsy of these pebble-like adventures with my ducklings.

Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket is inspired by playing in the creeks in Chickasaw National Park.

Design Elements of the Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket

At my parent’s house there is a pea green china cabinet with glass doors that hold my family’s history in crystal pitchers, silver platters, and fancy china dishes. A few days before Easter, my mom pulls out the floral dinnerware, wipes each piece spotless and sets the table around a fresh bouquet of flowers.

A crystal vase holds yellow daffodils; the sun streams through the window which cascades rainbow shadows around the place settings. Porcelain bunnies in blue + white illustrations hide behind butter dishes, salt + pepper shakers, and crystal water goblets. Silver forks, spoons, and knives frame the china plates decorated with pastel flowers ready for a feast.

The scene is a perfect mix of classy vintage and whimsy.

With my childhood memories fresh in my mind, I designed this blanket from that mix of classy vintage and whimsy. The name, Skipping Pebbles, came after this pattern was finished. So, what characteristics did I choose for this blanket?

Skipping Pebbles Crochet Pattern is an easy way to make your home feel like a cottage.

Featured Stitches in the Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket

Three Main Elements

  • Chevron / Zig-zag foundation for classy aesthetic
  • Granny Stitch builds the vintage appeal
  • Pebble Stitch adds texture for a cottage vibe

For a classy vintage blanket, the Granny Stitch is a MUST. The grouping of 3-Double Crochets instantly converts a crochet piece to vintage + classic in the best way. Currently, in 2024, we (as crocheters) are noticing a bit of a “viral” or “comeback” of crochet as a past time. People, especially the younger generations, revel in the peace and sense of accomplish that comes with crocheting.

The beginning of the blanket starts with the Granny Stitch – a great introductory stitch for beginners. However, this pattern is recommended for intermediate crocheters. Combining the granny stitch with a chevron (or zig-zag) base gives an experienced beginner the ability to bump up to intermediate. This is an excellent crochet pattern to flex your crochet skills if you’re a confident beginner ready to jump into the next level.

Pebble Stitch is the Star of this Blanket

Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket gets its name not only from creekside adventures, but from the Pebble Stitch. Disclaimer : I am obsessed with all things Puff Stitch. Most of the crochet patterns at High Desert Yarn include the Puff Stitch (sorry, not sorry). So, when we chose the Pebble Stitch as the featured stitch for the Cottage Chic Collection, my inner artist squealed with joy.

The Pebble Stitch starts with the first row of all Single Crochet. Then, the second row is alternating Single Crochets + Puff Stitches. Repeat the first two rows as long as you like to create the Pebble Stitch. The Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket only features four rows total of the Pebble Stitch to make these rows stand out among the Granny Stitch sections.

The Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket is made with the granny stitch and pebble stitch.

Don’t you love that texture?!

Details of this Whimsical Vintage Blanket


  • Worsted (category 4) weight yarn
    • Paintbox Yarns Aran (201yds/100g), 100% Acrylic – Browse the colors here with my affiliate link.
    • You will need 5 colors to create this blanket, and 3 skeins of each color for the Throw Size.
      • These are the colors I used from Paintbox Yarns Aran.
        • Duck Egg Blue (235)
        • Ballet Pink (252)
        • Blush Pink (253)
        • Dolphin Blue (236)
        • Raspberry Pink (243)
  • Crochet Hook – J (6.00mm) or crochet hook to meet gauge
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors

Finished Sizes

This crochet pattern includes four sizes written out, and the instructions to create a custom size.

  • Crib
    • Width – 28”
    • Length – 36”
  • Baby
    • Width – 42”
    • Length – 52”
  • Throw (sample size)
    • Width – 49”
    • Length – 60”
  • Oversized Throw
    • Width – 63”
    • Length – 72”

Experience Level

  • Intermediate – You need to know how to Single Crochet, Double Crochet, and Puff Stitch before starting this pattern.
    • Also, it is helpful if you have experience with crocheting a chevron / zig-zag blanket. My biggest tip is to count carefully, and double check your stitch placement is accurate.

Featured in the Cottage Chic Collection

The Spring ’24 edition of the Crochet Capsule is the Cottage Chic Collection. Dreamy stone cottages with blooming flowers hugging the exterior on a warm, sunny day inspires this collection of crochet patterns. We (the designers) wanted to capture the sense of home, belonging, and coziness in the same way that Spring brings new life and hope.

The Cottage Chic Collection Includes…

  • The Pippa Pebble Cardigan by Two Brothers Blankets
  • The Skipping Stones Sweater by Sunflower Cottage Crochet
  • The Stony Creek Shawl by Ambassador Crochet
  • The Skipping Pebbles Blanket by High Desert Yarn

Each crochet patterns features the Pebble Stitch to unify the designs. We hope that by using the same stitch, you will master it as you work through the patterns.

Purchase your copy of the
Cottage Chic Collection Here

The Skipping Pebbles Crochet Blanket is part of the Cottage Chic Collection by the Crochet Capsule.

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