Need to unwind this Holiday season? Try crocheting the Mariposa Blanket for free.

Inside – Find the free pattern for the Mariposa Crochet Blanket. This is a lightly textured blanket ideal for practicing mindful crochet during the busy seasons of life.

Every year the magical holiday season passes, but I still feel empty come mid-January. Do you feel this way after the holidays? This year I’m choosing to combat the emptiness by staying present with my favorite cold weather activity – crochet.

Burnt Out to Staying Present

When do you start feeling the tingles of the holidays? Usually, I start to feel them in mid-August. They’re faint, but full of anticipation. The steady stream of holidays as Autumn turns to Winter is my most magical time of the year.

However, I tend to fill it with expectations instead of reality, busyness instead of meaning, and stress instead of peace. This year I choose to reclaim the magic and peace of the season instead of marking off all the “must dos” that try to make it meaningful.

If you’re giving me a head nod with a big “AMEN”, then the Mariposa Crochet Blanket is exactly what you need to slow down and savor this season.

mariposa crochet blanket free pattern high desert yarn

Inspiration for the Mariposa Crochet Blanket

The Mariposa Blanket was designed as I drove my car swiftly over the edge of Burn Out Canyon. Maybe not what you expect to hear. However, every person comes to the edge of Burn Out Canyon, and it’s nice to turn our head and smile at the person next to us. You are not alone in the Busy Season, or the Burn Out.

As I craved rest, calm, and peace this Autumn, my hook gravitated to a soft yarn and my favorite stitches. I wanted a crochet project that would comfort me mentally and physically. The Mariposa Crochet Blanket delivered on both fronts.

Featured Stitches

Letting your mind wander and relax is the name of the game for the Mariposa Blanket. This blanket marries two different stitches – the Moss Stitch and the Slanted Puff Stitch. The Moss Stitch makes this blanket fly off your crochet hook! It makes this large crochet project manageable to finish even in the busy seasons of life.

However, the Slant Puff Stitch contrasts the Moss Stitch’s speed with a steady, slow movement. As I worked up the Mariposa Blanket, I knew a Slanted Puff Stitch row would take more time to work up. These were the rows that made me slow down and relish in the meditative crochet.

The Mariposa Crochet Blanket gave me the opportunity to reflect on my day, pray through my troubles, and let my brain loosen up from the tasks of the day. I know it can do the same for you.

mariposa crochet blanket free pattern high desert yarn

Meditative CAL to Soothe Your Mind + Soul

mariposa crochet blanket free pattern high desert yarn crochet a long CAL

Relish in the freedom of pursuing calm with the Mariposa Blanket.

Raise your hand if you know the Holiday Season can get out of control. *Raises my hand.* Y’all, it’s a little ridiculous. Especially as a mom, the keeper and maker of memories, the burden can get heavy with the Need To’s, Want To’s, and Should Do’s. I am slowly reclaiming reality, and making sure my kids remember the atmosphere of the Holidays rather than the checked off list of tasks. One way I’m doing that is by making space to reflect and remember during this current season.

How will this Meditative Crochet-a-long help you savor the season?

In a practical sense, the pattern itself will open up space to think and process. But, I also created several free PDF printables to give you the opportunity to write down moments you want to remember this time of year.

There are two different types of printables – 1. Memory Calendar – capture a quick memory of every day you work on the blanket. 2. Journal Pages – extra space to contemplate a question for the week.

Sign up here to have the Memory Calendar + Journal Pages delivered to your inbox.

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