Some times I go into the spare bedroom only to stare at my yarn stash. I like to imagine all the potential creativity dwelling in each skein. It seems a little crazy, but crochet is often like making a sculpture out of yarn rather than chiseling away at marble. I am forever reminded of reading The Agony and the Ecstasy in high school, and Michelangelo’s ability to know what laid inside a block of stone.

My stash contained two skeins of Red Heart Stellar in Comet. It’s bulky, and textured, with a little silver sparkle. Soft and squishy–perfect for a scarf! Finding a written pattern for a scarf was hard to come by. At least the *perfect* scarf pattern. I knew that any stitch detail would be lost in the fuzziness of the yarn. Therefore, I settled on a simply, lacy pattern that wouldn’t leave too many holes for wind to break through.


Here is the free pattern if you’d like to try your own. It’s the perfect beginner crochet project. I’d love to see what you make, and hear what you thought of the pattern!


– About 160 yds of super bulky (6) yarn. I used 2 skeins of Red Heart Stellar in Comet. Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick would be another great yarn to try.
– A M13 / 9.00mm crochet hook

Stitches Used
= chain
st = stitch
sts = stitches
DC = double crochet

Finished Dimensions
Width = 7.5″
Length = 6′ 4″

Turquoise Canyon Scarf Pattern
Chain 15
Row 1 : DC in 3rd ch from hook. DC until end of row. Ch 2 and turn. (13 sts)
Row 2 : DC in each st until end of row. Ch 2 and turn. (13 sts)
Row 3 : Repeat Row 2
Row 4 : DC in 1st st. [Ch 1. Skip 1 st. DC in next st.] Repeat […] until end of row. Ch 2 and turn. (7 DC sts, 6 ch spaces)
Row 5 : Repeat Row 2
Row 6 : Repeat Row 4

Repeat Rows 1-6 until desired length.

Do not reproduce this pattern in part or in whole anywhere else. This pattern and images are property of High Desert Yarn. You may not use the images as your own. Feel free to sell what you make from this pattern. I’d greatly appreciate it if you mention me as the designer, and link back to my blog.

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