It’s officially one week into the New Year! Can you believe it?! Sometimes I yearn for 2018 to linger on, and feel those last days of December again. Last month was a whirlwind for my family. Between the Tusayan Christmas Bazaar, travel, completing holiday orders, and Christmas prep, we barely had time to savor the season. I’m grateful for all that December held—the long distance family, Christmas lights, business growth, and reflecting on 2019—but the busyness left me longing for a do-over! Anyone else with me?

A few days before the New Year started, another crochet artist/mentor, Pam Grice at Made with a Twist, asked her followers, “What is your focus word for 2019?” Without even thinking about it, “Steady” came to mind. After more thought, that’s exactly what I’ll need to come back to this coming year. For me, steady doesn’t mean explosive growth for my business. Or hopping right back into the business after Baby 2.0 is born in March. It doesn’t mean I have to “get my body back” within XX days after delivering Baby 2.0. Or even signing up for a half marathon six months postpartum. Steady simply means progress. Little steps that add up to big movement. That’s what I want for my 2019. I want to look back and say, “Wow, look at the distance I traveled!”

J.R.R. Tolkien has said it best — Little by little one travels far.


I painted this picture some time before Owen was born. The quote spoke to my heart, and how my life always seemed to go regardless of my initiatives. When he was an infant, I spoke these words to him often. Every little advancement he made each day would be a powerful conglomerate to bind him into the man he would become.

I’ve always kept this painting in my office. This year, I’m going to put it where I’ll see it often. This is the reminder I will need on the days where I don’t see the progress of motherhood, homemaker, and business owner. But on those days, I hope I will learn to savor the steadiness—those moments that I won’t have a year from now.

Have you thought of a word to define 2019? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Bonus.. here are a few of my favorite pictures from the end of the year! A HUGE thanks to my sweet friend, Katie, for taking family pictures of us!



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