Spring is officially well underway! Whether the weeds wildflowers are starting to bloom, or the snow is starting to melt at your home. It’s time to switch out our chunky crochet cardigans, and faux fur crocheted pillows, with lighter garments, and brighter colors. The At Home Crochet Pattern Roundup is here to help bring a newness to your home decor and wardrobe! Keep reading to learn how this blog hop will work.

Originally, the At Home Crochet Pattern Roundup was a blog hop hosted in April 2021. Some images and sentences may still state that this page is a blog hop. However, there is not a current blog hop. Still, I hope you enjoy looking through these wonderful crochet patterns for sprucing up your space this spring.

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Making staying home easier

The At Home Crochet Pattern Roundup is all about making life at home BETTER. I hope that in your nook of the world the pandemic is getting better. In case it’s not, and you’re still social distancing, and staying home most of the time, this blog hop is here to comfort + encourage you. In this blog post, you will find crochet patterns for your home and wardrobe. Which pattern are you looking forward to make this spring? There’s nothing quite like a handmade pillow, blanket, or toy to spread smiles.

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Featured Patterns

1 — Pocket Pillow Pattern by Sweet Potato 3 Designs

Isn’t this crochet pillow pattern the best idea?! Place your favorite book in one of these pocket pillows for a quick spruce up to your home library, favorite reading chair, or a child’s reading nook. Read more about the Pocket Pillow Pattern on Sweet Potato 3 Designs Blog here.

Link to Sweet Potato 3 Designs Blog — https://sweetpotato3.com/pocket-pillow-pattern-texture-texture-texture/

2 — Dancing Sugar Surprise Unicorn by Creative Snugglies Designs

Happy Unicorn Day! Is there a better way to celebrate than this fun unicorn stuffed animal? Christine from Creative Snugglies Designs made sure that kids staying at home had a little something, too. Read more about the Dancing Sugar Surprise Unicorn on the Creative Snugglies Blog here.

Link to Creative Snugglies Designs Blog — https://www.creativesnugglies.com/post/unicorn

creative snugglies unicorn

3 — Sweet Stripes Plant Rugs by Green Fox Farms Designs

Where are all the plant parents at? This one’s for you! Lisa from Green Fox Farms Designs created this lovely set of cozy carpets for all your houseplants. They’d even look gorgeous with any faux potted plants, too. Read more about the Sweet Stripes Plant Rugs on Green Fox Farms Designs blog here.

Link to Green Fox Farms Designs Blog — https://greenfoxfarmsdesigns.com/sweet-stripes-plant-rugs-free-crochet-pattern

crochet plant rugs

4 — Floral Delight Table Runner by Simply Melanie Jane

Who doesn’t love adding a touch of spring flowers into their home decor? This Floral Delight Table Runner from Simply Melanie Jane adds a simple and elegant pop of color to you dining room. I especially love the center flower that holds a vase of flowers or globe of succulents. Read more about the Floral Delight Table Runner on the Simply Melanie Jane Blog here.

Link to Simply Melanie Jane Blog — https://simplymelaniejane.com/crochet-table-runner-floral-delight-centerpiece/

floral delight crochet table runner

5 — Just One More Page Bookmark by Bliss This

Amber from Bliss This designed a beautiful crochet bookmark, and is sharing it with us today. This bookmark pattern needs to become part of your regular crochet makes. Not only is it a great stash buster project, but ideal to have a few on hand when you need a quick gift. Pair it with your favorite book, or place in an envelope to mail to your favorite book lover. Read more about the Just One More Page Bookmark on the Bliss This Blog here.

Link to Bliss This Blog – https://amberblissthis.com/easy-crochet-bookmark/

6 — Totally Textured Yarn Baskets by Me ‘n’ My Hook

Bernadine from Me ‘n’ My Hook is sharing a must-make solution for all those yarn cakes we can’t help but buy. Her Totally Textured Yarn Baskets features three different versions that snuggly fit your colorful yarn cakes. Grab the pattern, and make your yarn cakes’ next best friend. Read more about the Totally Textured Yarn Baskets on the Me ‘n’ My Hook Blog here.

Link to Me ‘n’ My Hook Blog – https://menmyhook.com/easy-textured-crochet-storage-baskets-totally-textured-yarn-baskets/

7 — Serenity Towel Set by Ambassador Crochet

Admittedly, a crochet hand towel set has settled on my mind for at least two years. Thanks to Kristine from Ambassador Crochet, I can finally make a set of my own! The stitches in this design make the towel stand out, and the stripe detail is perfect for matching the colors of your bathroom. Grab this pattern today, and make a special set just for you! Read more about the Serenity Towel Set on the Ambassador Crochet Blog here.

Link to Ambassador Crochet Blog – https://ambassadorcrochet.com/2021/04/13/serenity-hand-towel-washcloth-set/

serenity crochet towel ambassador crochet

8 — Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging (right) by High Desert Yarn

This mini wall hanging is great for small spaces. Think — bathrooms, part of a gallery art wall, or a small home office. Read more about the Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging on the High Desert Yarn Blog here.

Link to High Desert Yarn Blog – https://highdesertyarn.com/mini-rainbow-wall-hanging-right/

9 — Keep Me Cozy Blanket Simply Hooked by Janet

This cozy crocheted blanket is perfect for snuggling. It uses a chunky weight yarn to give it an extra squish factor. Read more about the Keep Me Cozy Blanket on the Simply Hooked by Janet Blog here.

Link to Simply Hooked by Janet Blog — https://www.simplyhookedbyjanet.com/easy-chunky-crochet-blanket/

10 — Running Rings Around Granny Bolster by Cosy Rosie UK

Fiona from Cosy Rosie UK is sharing her Running Rings Around Granny Bolster crochet pattern today. She does a fabulous job at using the Granny Stitch to create modern patterns. Grab this bolster crochet pattern today, and check her other patterns that use the Granny Stitch.. I bet you’ll mind one to match the Running Rings Around Granny Bolster! Read more about the Running Rings Around Granny Bolster on the Cosy Rosie UK Blog here.

Link to Cosy Rosie UK Blog — http://cosyrosieuk.co.uk/crochet-bolster-pillow-cover-pattern

running rings around granny crochet bolster cosy rosie UK

11 — Siren Shell Pullover by One Dutch Stitch

Kate from One Dutch Stitch is sharing her Siren Shell Pullover today. This lacy summer tee is perfect to let those summer breezes reach your skin, or top it over a basic tank top for layering on cool spring days. Read more about the Siren Shell Pullover on the One Dutch Stitch Blog here.

Link to One Dutch Stitch Blog — https://onedutchstitch.com/the-siren-shell-crochet-pullover/

one dutch stitch siren shell crochet pullover

12 — Harlow Wall Hanging by Juniper & Oakes

Erin from Juniper & Oakes is sharing her Harlow Wall Hanging today. Guys, the color combinations with this wall hanging are e n d l e s s. Also, if you’re new to changing colors in crochet, this would be a great pattern to practice with. Read more about the Harlow Wall Hanging on the Juniper & Oakes Blog here.

Link to the Juniper & Oakes Blog — https://www.juniperandoakes.com/blog/harlowwallhangingcrochetpattern

13 — Trinity Kitchen Towels and Potholder Set by Pam’s Cozy Corner

Pam from Pam’s Cozy Corner is sharing her Trinity Kitchen Towels and Potholder Set today. Beautify your kitchen with this new towel + potholder combo. The stripe of variegated yarn gives this pattern its charm! Read more about the Trinity Kitchen Towels and Potholder Set on the Pam’s Cozy Corner Blog here.

Link to the Pam’s Cozy Corner — https://www.pamscozycorner.com/patterns/trinity-kitchen-towels-potholders

14 — Hot Stuff Trivet by Crochets by Trista

Trista from Crochets by Trista is sharing her Hot Stuff Trivet today. Gorgeous texture + useful are my top two MUSTS for any crocheted kitchen accessory. This brand new pattern has both, and showcases all those baked goods you’ve practiced while staying home. Read more about the Hot Stuff Trivet on the Crochets by Trista Blog here.

Link to the Crochets by Trista blog — https://www.crochetsbytrista.com/hot-stuff-trivet/

15 — Elegant Hairscarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet is sharing her Elegant Hairscarf today. This hairscarf is lovely and feminine. It’s a simple way to update your spring wardrobe, and get ready for your next video meeting. Read more about the Elegant Hairscarf on the Sunflower Cottage Crochet Blog here.

Link to the Sunflower Cottage Crochet blog — https://sunflowercottagecrochet.com/elegant-hairscarf/

sunflower cottage crochet elegant hairscarf crochet pattern

16 — 3 C’s Mug Rug by Classy Lady Yarnworks

Stephanie from Classy Lady Yarnworks is sharing her 3 C’s Mug Rug today. Let’s face it, the last year was rough. Whether you added new words to your vocabulary in 2020, or it’s just everyday language, this mug rug is a fun addition to your favorite crochet spot. Read more about the 3 C’s Mug Rug on the Classy Lady Yarnworks Blog here.

Link to the Classy Lady Yarnworks blog — https://www.classyladyyarnworks.com/premium-patterns/crocheter-series/mug-rug-crochet-pattern/

classy lady yarnworks mug rug crochet pattern

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  1. I have grey hair, am O – L – D , however I tried many times, am I , being in Australia too early for the code?
    It simply doesn’t work for me!
    Thanks for your time and pattern 💓

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out. You’re not the only one having problems viewing the updated blog post. It’s there, I promise, but some people can’t see it in their web browser. I’ve cleared the cache on my website, and am reaching out to tech support to do what I can on my end. Here’s what you can try.. 1. Clear the cache (this is different from the browser history) on your phone or computer. 2. Close down your browser completely, and try accessing the page again. 3. Try on an a different device.

      If you need any more help, or if these solutions don’t work, please email me at hello@highdesertyarn.com

  2. I have Norton Antivirus and it states that the web site to go to for April 15, for the Keep Me Cozy Blanket is a dangerous website via phishing, etc.. I did a work-a-round and went to Ravelry, searched for the pattern and then entered the code. The web page Simply Hooked by Janet needs to be re-worked so this doesn’t happen.

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve triple checked the Simply Hooked by Janet website, and nothing comes up as a warning for me, even in an Incognito (secret) browser window. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could go to her main website and take a look around, or consider purchasing one of her patterns if you don’t feel comfortable going to her website. Janet and I both earn ad revenue by people visiting our site. From the crochet designer’s point of view, this is why we’re giving away a pattern free.. we know we’ll gain some monetary value from it. Thank you for supporting small business owners like us!

      1. I’m finding that the trinity set is not free with the code on Ravelry. Is that the way it’s supposed to be?

        1. Hi Rhiannon!

          I’m sorry this getting to you in the last minutes, but here is the solution. If you have any problems, please email me first at hello@highdesertyarn.com It’s the quickest way to contact me.

          Be sure you’re clicking on the button in Pam’s Blog Post that will take you to the pattern on Ravelry. Once there, double check that you’re purchasing the pattern for the Towels AND Potholders. Pam has two different listings up for this pattern. The $3.50 (Towels AND Potholder pattern) is the one that works with the code. If you have any more problems, please email me at hello@highdesertyarn.com

    1. Hi Kelly! I’ve been in contact with today’s designer (Simply Hooked by Janet) that her site is being blocked at malicious. Thank you for letting me know!

  3. Hi! I just tried the code for today’s kitchen set and the code is accepted but it doesn’t actually discount the product. Maybe I’m too early? Thanks! Loving the Blog Hop 🙂

    1. Hi Robyn!

      Be sure you’re clicking on the button in Pam’s Blog Post that will take you to the pattern on Ravelry. Once there, double check that you’re purchasing the pattern for the Towels AND Potholders. Pam has two different listings up for this pattern. The $3.50 (Towels AND Potholder pattern) is the one that works with the code. If you have any more problems, please email me at hello@highdesertyarn.com

  4. The email for today’s feature was sent. However, I don’t see the post on the website. I refreshed the page. Not sure what else to try. Thanks for all your hard work on coordinating this!

  5. Hi, Joanna – I think this latest pattern for Day 15’s 3 C’s Mug Rug is my favorite (after Day 3’s Sweet Stripes Plant Rugs), but I am a sucker for the pink and gray combo! Thank you for this At Home Crochet Blog Hop – I love it! April has been chilly and snowy here in Colorado (springtime in the Rockies, I guess), so it is perfect weather to stay inside and try new crochet patterns. I appreciate the fact that you put all this together!

    1. Susan! Thank you for your kind words! The designers did an amazing job with their patterns. I’m so happy you found a few that you LOVE. It’s been chilly this last week in Oklahoma–I’ve been enjoying the extra crochet coziness, too. Happy creating! – Joanna

  6. Hi Joanna! I just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and your contributors for a great blog hop! I always appreciate the patterns and getting to know new artists. Please know you are appreciated.

    1. Jill,

      Thank you for your kind words! I am SO glad you enjoyed the event! 🙂 People like you make events like this enjoyable and worth it. Thank you for participating.

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