In this blog post you will learn about the Carmen Crochet Scarf Pattern. The Carmen Scarf is all about elegant drapeperfect on top of a t-shirt dress for date night. It’ll become a Spring wardrobe essential. This pattern is suitable for any intermediate crocheter, or a brave advanced beginner.

carmen scarf crochet pattern

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Designing this spring Carmen Crochet Scarf is inspired by two things…

  1. My sweet grandmother – Carmen – the classiest lady I know.
  2. My daughter – Emma- and her garden inspired baby blanket.

First, Carmen is a tried and true artist. Her paintings are etched into my mind from admiring them as I grew up. One of the reasons I sit before you today, designing and creating, is because of her. Also, Carmen is the most glamorous lady I know. I give her credit for any of my lady-like behavior.

Secondly, my daughter — Emma — I crocheted her baby blanket with purples and greens, reminiscent of a Spring garden. What else would you expect for a March baby? Her blanket is made with Yarn Bee’s Soft Secret yarn. This yarn is iridescent and silky soft. So, when I shopped my yarn stash for a lacy, elegant Spring scarf fit for a glamorous woman like Carmen, I found the Yarn Bee Soft Secret in Lilac.


It all comes back to the Double Crochet Stitch.

The Carmen Crochet Scarf is considered an Intermediate Level Crochet Pattern. Since it uses the Double Crochet Stitch as the most used stitch, an advanced beginner could take it on with a side of patience. However, I do suggest reading over the whole pattern carefully before starting the scarf to gain an understanding of the design.

Defining Feature – The Center Peak

You will love this part of the Carmen Crochet Scarf! As you stitch it in long rows, a small peak starts to form in the center of this scarf. This little detail creates a gorgeous neckline — it truly dresses up a t-shirt, or solid blouse. Plus, it leaves delicate points on the edges of the scarf.

Yarn + Substitutes

The yarn used in this scarf is the Yarn Bee Soft Secret from Hobby Lobby. Aside from a hand dyed yarn, it is one of the most elegant yarns I have seen at a craft store. It sparkles in a way that’s not gaudy, just like diamond stud earrings.

Yarn Bee Soft Secret

worsted weight (category 4)
100% acrylic // 300yds/6oz

Substituting this Yarn

The Yarn Bee Soft Secret is a thinner worsted weight yarn. If you choose to use a “classic” worsted weight yarn, such as, Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek, Caron Cakes, or Red Heart Super Saver, the scarf may end up a little bulkier than pictured. I suggest substituting for a DK (category 3) weight yarn such as Lion Brand Mandala. Last, Lion Brand Pound of Love may be the closest yarn as in thickness to the Yarn Bee Soft Secret.

Regardless of which yarn you choose, I highly suggest making a gauge swatch prior to starting the pattern. This will give you a clue on how your finished scarf will turn out, or what adjustments you need to make before starting the pattern.

Remember — creating your own clothes takes time. This is slow fashion. It’s wise to do the prep work to make something that will fit you.

Gauge + Finished Size

14 STS x 7 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square
Use the Double Crochet to create the gauge swatch.

Finished Size
6″ width x 48″ length

Measurements are taken after blocking.

Let’s talk about drape.

The drape of this scarf is stunning. It will quickly give that little center peak a run for its money for being your favorite part about this scarf. A Spring scarf needs to be lightweight, and free flowing. The Carmen Crochet Scarf checks both those boxes.

carmen scarf crochet pinterest



  • Yarn Bee Soft Secret, worsted/category 4 (6oz/170g, 300yds/275m), 100% acrylic
    • You need 295yds/ 272m
    • Substitutes : Any other worsted/category 4 yarn will work. The Yarn Bee Soft Secret is a thinner worsted weight. Be sure to check gauge if you change yarn. A DK/category 3 weight yarn may be a good substitute as well. However, you may need to size down a hook if using a DK (category 3) weight yarn.

Crochet Hook – J/10 (6.00mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
Tapestry Needle
Measuring Tape

Skill Level

Intermediate – Level 3

Featured Stitches

Double Crochet Two Together – DC2tog (decreasing double crochet)

YO, and insert hook into ST. Pull up one loop (3 loops on the hook). YO and pull through two loops (2 loops on the hook). YO, and insert hook into next ST. Pull up one loop (4 loops on the hook). YO and pull through two loops (3 loops on the hook). YO and pull through all remaining loops. The DC2tog is complete.

Crossed Double Crochet – XDC

Skip one ST, and DC in the next ST. DC in the skipped ST. The XDC is complete. There should be an “X” at the bottom of the stitches when it’s done correctly.

Shell Stitch – SHELL

[SC in ST, skip 2 STS, 5 DC in next ST, skip 2 STS] Repeat […] until the pattern says stop.

Patter Tester Portfolio

This design is fully tester, and tech edited. A huge thank you to my testers! They worked incredibly hard on this pattern, and helped fine tune it. It’s the best pattern it can be with their help. Here are a few pictures of their work with a few links back to them.

Ashwini Karandikar

Ashwini is such a sweet lady! I adore her work and the colors are gorgeous together.
You can find her on Instagram here.

Katie Gerjde

Katie is an excellent patten tester, and I basically hit the jackpot — she’s also a tech editor!
You can find her on Instagram here.
She also has a brand new website here.

Joyce Shelton

Joyce did a lovely job on this patten. Her bright colors scream spring!
You can find her on Instagram here.

Laurene Blunder

Laurene was a huge help in fine tuning this crochet pattern. Here is her Carmen Scarf in a classic light grey.

Where to find this pattern

  • Get the AD-free, printable PDF pattern from Etsy HERE
  • Save this pattern to your favorite board on Pinterest HERE
  • Add this pattern to your Ravelry que HERE

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