Changing colors seamlessly in crochet is a vital skill to add to your crochet skill set. It’s extremely useful in Intarsia crochet, the fancy word for colorwork, to create a crochet fabric with a motif. In this tutorial, I will show you the incredibly easy-to-master skill of how to change colors seamlessly while you crochet.

change colors seamlessly in crochet

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change colors seamlessly in crochet


All you need to change colors seamlessly in crochet is TWO contrasting colors of yarn, and the corresponding hook size. Today I’ll be using Yarn Bee True Colors, a super bulky (category 6) yarn, with a size 8.00mm crochet hook.


American/US terms used throughout.

MC – main color
CC – contrasting color
CH – chain
SC – single crochet
ST(S) – stitch(es)
YO – yarn over

Let’s learn to change colors seamlessly

First, in the MC yarn, create a chain of any length.

Row 1 : SC across the row. CH 1, and turn.

Row 2 : (with MC) SC in the 1st ST. SC in the 2nd ST, but don’t finish it. Follow the bolded instructions to change to the CC seamlessly. [Insert hook into the 2nd ST, YO and pull up one loop (two loops on the hook). Drop the MC yarn, and pick up the CC. YO the CC, and pull one loop through both loops on the hook.] *(with CC) SC in the next 2 STS. (with the MC) SC into the next 2 STS.* Repeat […] until the end of the row.

change colors seamlessly in crochet

Continue the repeat until you’ve reached the end of the row.

change colors seamlessly in crochet

Tips + Tricks for Changing Colors Seamlessly

What to do with the non-working yarn

First, reference the pattern you’re working through. Usually the designer will give instructions to drop the non-work yarn, or carry it through the pattern. Most often, colorwork crochet will have a right side and wrong side; when in doubt, always pull the non-working yarn to the back of the work (the wrong side).

Trapping the floats

Trapping the floats (the non-working yarn “floating” on the wrong side of the fabric) is pretty handy to prevent snags, or long loops of loose yarn in the back of the work. While holding the non-working yarn on the back of the work, simply crochet over the non-working yarn for one stitch. Repeat this process every 3-4 stitches (or every 1″) to keep it tidy in the back.

Pinch the working stitch while you switch colors

Pinch the color changing stitch to keep your natural tension through the color change. Holding either yarn too loose, or too tight, will cause the size of the stitch bigger or smaller. This creates a little bump in the fabric, and not what we’re after in a seamless color change.

Let’s practice with these patterns

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