Welcome back to the Beginner Basics Crochet Class! The previous lesson covers how to create a double crochet stitch. Lesson 6 teaches you how to read a crochet pattern. At the end of this lesson you will know all the parts that make up a crochet pattern, what they mean, and how to stitch from the pattern.

beginner basics crochet class how to read a crochet pattern

Ready to learn crochet once and for all?

You’re in the right place! This is Lesson 6 of the Beginner Basics Crochet Class. (You can find Lesson 1 here to start from the beginning.) However, if you’re anything like me… you’ll forget about this Beginner Basics Crochet Class as soon as your kid (or fur baby) needs a snack. Here’s what you can do to help you remember.

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beginner basics crochet class how to read a crochet pattern

Let’s Quickly Review Lesson 5

Lesson 5 teaches you how to double crochet. It’s one more “yarn over” than the half double crochet. Once you get the hang of the Double Crochet, the world of crochet begins to open up. If you need to stop and review any of the stitches we’ve covered so far, go ahead and do that now. At the end of this lesson, you’ll have your first beginner pattern to stitch up. As your teacher, I’m here to help you. Feel free to send an email to me (Joanna) at hello@highdesertyarn.com if you need any extra help with these stitches, or reading a crochet pattern.

Breaking Down the Crochet Pattern

What is a crochet pattern? It is a set of instructions to guide you through a crochet project. Usually, a pattern comes in the form of a blog post, a PDF (printable digital file), or in a magazine/book. Crochet patterns include all the information you need to know about the crochet project. More though, all well written crochet patterns include several sections.

A Brief Overview of the Crochet Pattern Sections

  • Introduction
    • Explains the inspiration of the project, experience level, and special features.
  • Materials Needed
    • Yarn weight and yardage needed, hook size, other notions (tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers, zippers, dowel, buttons, etc.)
  • Gauge + Finished Size
    • Tells you how big your project will be, and how to determine if you have the right hook size.
  • Stitch Abbreviations
    • Includes all the stitches, and techniques used in the pattern WITH their abbreviation.
  • Notes
    • Helpful tidbits of information to help you work up the pattern.
  • Written Instructions
    • Uses the abbreviations to tell you how to stitch up the project.
  • Other Sections (optional)
    • Some crochet patterns will include a special stitches, stitch chart, color work chart, or photo tutorials. But, they don’t have to include them.

Tips to Read a Crochet Pattern

You’ve picked out a project, found the perfect skein of yarn, and now you can’t wait to dive into it! However, there are a few helpful tips (and temptations to avoid) when reading through a crochet pattern. Even as an experience crocheter, I use these tips every time I start a new project.

  1. Read through the WHOLE pattern before you begin.
    • This gives you an idea of how to make the pattern before starting. Kinda like seeing the pattern with a bird’s eye view.
  2. Double check your yarn and hook to the material list.
    • You don’t want to be stumped by the gauge swatch, or first few rows of a pattern, because you’re accidentally using the wrong yarn and hook size.
  3. Keep the printed pattern, yarn, and hook in the same basket or bag.
    • So, this isn’t about reading the pattern, but it’s still a good idea when you’re starting a new project. Keep those essential supplies together!
  4. Check your gauge, and make a note on the printed pattern what hook size you’re using.
    • Just in case your hook gets lost from your project basket, or you need it for another pattern, then you’ll always know what hook you were using.
Video Walkthrough for Reading a Crochet Pattern

Beginner Class Overview

Oh, this is SUCH an exciting point – you’re ready to start working on the Wild Blue Wall Hanging! Here’s what you’ve learned so far..
– Create a Slip Knot, and Chain
– Single Crochet
– Half Double Crochet
– Double Crochet
– Understanding a Crochet Pattern

Friend, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. It’s been a long journey to get here, and I know it wasn’t an easy one. I am beyond proud that you stuck through it and made it to this point. We’re nearly across the finish line, so let’s dive into the Wild Blue Wall Hanging together.

Your First Crochet Project

You’ve read through Lesson 6 which means you’re ready for your homework! The Wild Blue Wall Hanging is final project of the Beginner Basics Crochet Class. It features every stitch you’ve learned, but combines them in a tasteful way. You’ll finish by having a brand new home decor piece handmade by YOU.

You can find the Wild Blue Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern in this blog post here.

If you need any help during this process, please reach out! Comment on this post, send me an email (hello@highdesertyarn.com), or ask in the High Desert Yarn Handmade Community on Facebook. We’d love to cheer you on during your crochet journey!

Click the image to get the free Wild Blue Wall Hanging crochet pattern.

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