Beginner Basics Crochet Class : Lesson 6

Welcome back to the Beginner Basics Crochet Class! The previous lesson covers how to create a double crochet stitch. Lesson 6 teaches you how to read a crochet pattern. At the end of this lesson you will know all the parts that make up a crochet pattern, what they mean, and how to stitch from the pattern.

beginner basics crochet class how to read a crochet pattern

Ready to learn crochet once and for all?

You’re in the right place! This is Lesson 6 of the Beginner Basics Crochet Class. (You can find Lesson 1 here to start from the beginning.) However, if you’re anything like me… you’ll forget about this Beginner Basics Crochet Class as soon as your kid (or fur baby) needs a snack. Here’s what you can do to help you remember.

1. Sign up for email reminders.

Every week you’ll get a friendly email about a new lesson. Emails are spaced out every seven days to give you time to read, watch, and work on the homework.

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