Do you want to learn how to crochet, but don’t know where to start? Then, let me welcome you to the Beginner Basics Crochet Class! Follow along this self-paced course to master the basic skills of crochet. At the end of the lessons you will be ready for your first project – the Wild Blue Wall Hanging. Let’s dive in!

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beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn

Why learn from me?

Hello there fiber friend! My name is Joanna – the creative + designer at High Desert Yarn. My crochet journey started way before you could look up any stitch tutorial on YouTube, and long before social media ruled the world. That said, I learned from the “Crochet for Dummies” website, and random patterns I found through Google search. It wasn’t the best of both worlds, but I made it through the wilderness. Since I had this random smattering of crochet instruction, I didn’t want fellow newbie crocheters to go through the same thing. So, the Beginner Basics Crochet Class was started.

beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn

I am so grateful to take you along this journey through the Beginner Basics Crochet Course. Just like any art/creative form, I believe that anyone (yes, even you) can create beautiful art. So, I believe that YOU can crochet! Before we dive into the first lesson (what tools you need as a beginner, and how to hold the yarn), here’s what I need from you… a promise to try your best, and reach out to me whenever you need help.

Here’s how to get a hold of me…
1. Email – please send all emails to hello@highdesertyarn
2. Leave a comment on this post – super helpful to other readers, too!
3. Join the High Desert Yarn Handmade Community on Facebook – you’ll not only get help from me, but also from other crochet loving friends.

Want to keep all the Beginner Basics Lessons in one place? Pinterest is a great place to store these lessons! Pin the image below to your Beginner Crochet Board.

beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn

Alright! Let’s dive into the very beginner basics to get you started on your crochet journey.

What tools does a beginner crocheter need?

Let’s Talk Yarn to Begin Your Crochet Journey

When you walk towards the yarn section of any craft store you quickly see how many options exist. The possibilities are endless! Which can make for wonderful explorations as your crochet skills grow, but is quite overwhelming when you start out. I remember yarn shopping for the first time, and felt like the aisles of yarn would topple upon me with all the options.

beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn

Therefore, what yarn should you look for?

  1. Anything that is acrylic, or contains mostly acrylic.
    • You can definitely choose a non-acrylic, but I’ve found that acrylic is a forgiving yarn when you pull out the yarn to fix a mistake. It’s also budget-friendly! Win-win.
  2. A worsted weight (category 4) yarn – ideal size for beginners to hold.
  3. Yarn that meets your budget.
  4. Yarn that is soft enough to work with.
  5. A colors that inspires you!

“But Joanna, I NEED to know a specific yarn to buy!”

Here are a few great suggestions that you can find at a big box craft store in the US, or order online. All of these suggestions are a worsted weight (category 4) and acrylic.

  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice (found at Joann’s Craft Stores)
  • Red Heart Super Saver (found at Walmart)
  • Paintbox Yarns Aran (purchase online at
  • Loops + Thread Impeccable (found at Michael’s Craft Stores)
  • Yarn Bee Soft + Sleek (found at Hobby Lobby)

When in doubt, read the yarn label.

You can find all of the information you need on the yarn label. Pay attention to the yarn weight, fiber content (what the yarn is made out of), suggested hook size, and how many yards/meters come in a skein. Let’s take a look at this label…

beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn lion brand yarn

Now you need a crochet hook.

As a general rule, pick your crochet hook size based on what the crochet pattern needs. However, for this Beginner Basics Crochet Class, pick a hook based on the suggested hook size on the yarn label. Spoiler Alert : I use a I/9 (5.50mm) hook for this class with a worsted weight hand dyed yarn.

Here is a great starter pack for beginners – the Boye Aluminum Crochet Hook Set. It’s simple and comes in right under $10 USD from Amazon. If you’d like to spend a little more, you can find inexpensive ergonomic hook sets from Boye and Clover. This is the starter set I bought when I made my first baby blanket, and I still use it to this day.

beginner basics crochet class high desert yarn crochet hooks

Um, what’s with the letters and millimeters size on the crochet hooks?

That’s a great question! The letter size, (example, I/9) is the US (American) size. The millimeter size is what the rest of the world uses. Properly formatted crochet patterns will include the millimeter size, but you may come across patterns that leave it out. When in doubt, contact the designer for the specific size, or work up the gauge swatch to check if it’s the right hook size.

What is a gauge swatch? It is a small portion of the main stitch(es) used in the pattern worked in a 4″ x 4″ square. Then, this square is measured (count the stitches and rows) to make sure the project’s finished size is accurate.

Lesson 1 Overview

Whew. That was a lot of information! Here’s what we talked about…

  1. What type of yarn to use as a beginner – worsted weight (category 4), 100% acrylic
  2. What type of crochet hook to use – one that matches the yarn label (or crochet pattern gauge)
  3. Where to purchase yarn + crochet hooks – local craft stores or online

Your Homework

You’ve read through lesson 1 which means you’re ready for your homework! This week, you need to go yarn and crochet hook shopping. For Lesson 2, we’re diving straight into the yarn with learning how to tie a slip knot, how to hold the yarn, and how to make a foundation chain.

Here is exactly what you need :
– Worsted Weight (category 4) Yarn – pick a color you’ll want to make the Wild Blue Wall Hanging with
– I/9 (5.50mm) crochet hook

When you finish the Lesson 1 Homework, come tell us in the High Desert Yarn Handmade Community on Facebook. We’d love to cheer you on your crochet journey.

Once you have your yarn and crochet hook, let’s move onto Lesson 2 here.

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