Finally! I can take a deep breath. The Coral Seas Blanket is officially done. Whew! That took much longer than I thought!

This beauty is a few things..
1. My very first crochet pattern design.
2. It’s the color scheme I’d pick for my own baby girl.
3. It’s the whole reason behind creating High Desert Yarn.

For the past several years, I have loved making close friends and family blankets for their new babies. Even if the parents could make one themselves. I think EVERY baby deserves something handmade, something made with love, to snuggle with once he/she is born. This is something I want to provide for family, friends, and customers. It’s something that is very dear to my heart. Babies should start their lives surrounded by as much love as possible.

The inspiration for this pattern involves ocean waves crashing the seashore, ridges upon ridges to add texture, and hot pink flamingoes! Originally I envisioned a true peachy coral color, but couldn’t find the exact shade. Instead, this Grapefruit pink gives the right kind of balance to the Aquamarine blue. This blanket is sized for crib, but would easily grow with the baby. The perfect compliment to the car seat, stroller, floor for tummy time, and crib once it’s safe to let baby sleep with a blanket. My son has a crocheted blanket a few inches larger, and it still covers him comfortably while he sleeps. That little babe is nearly 3!

Pattern designing is still new to me. This blanket held fun and frustration figuring it out. I want to run through the pattern one more time before I release it. Then, I would love for fellow crocheters to try it on the hook!

Etsy Listing of this blanket can be found here.

I hope your summer has started in the most magical of ways!

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