The first time I worked this stitch was in a beautiful shawl by Wilmade. It remains as one of my favorite crochet makes, and the stitch sticks with me to this day, almost 3 years later. Therefore, I want to show you how to create the lovely Back Post Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial.

Don’t let this stitch intimidate you! Does this stitch take practice? It takes practice, but I believe you can nail it in a few stitches. Therefore, grab your favorite hook with TWO different colors of yarn to match, and meet me below!

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the difference between the back post double crochet and the double crochet

In this first picture, I give you a visual showing the difference of the Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC) and the standard Double Crochet. Essentially, the BPDC is the exact same as the Double Crochet, but the difference lies WHERE it is placed.

Now, let’s locate the “right” and “left” side of the stitch’s post we work around.

pointing out the right and let sides of a double crochet post

Finally, let’s begin! Yarn over, and insert your hook from the BACK of the work and on the RIGHT side of the post. Next, wrap you hook around the FRONT of the post. Insert your hook from the FRONT to the back, and on the LEFT side of the post.

wrap the crochet hook around the front of the double crochet post

Proceed like the regular Double Crochet. Yarn over and pull up loop. There are 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through 2 loops. Yarn over and pull through the last 2 loops.

Now that the Back Post Double Crochet is complete, what do you think? Easier than you thought! It creates a beautiful ridge, similar to the Half Double Crochet in the 3rd Loop, and looks especially beautiful during a color transition.

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