The very first thing I decided to crochet was a hat. A simple beanie worked from the top down. Mind you, I made this hat long before Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram existed. So, Accessing quick crochet tips, or suggestions from other crocheters didn’t exist. So, as I crocheted round after round after round, I saw the dreaded slanted line where I joined each round together. Dun, Dun, DUN! Therefore, I’m sharing a Technique Tutorial // No Cut Join Method to avoid that pesky slanted line.

This tutorial will come in handy. Be sure to save it to your favorite Pinterest board!

No Cut Join Method

The No Cut Join Method is used when crocheting rounds in a project such as, a hat, cowl, or infinity scarf. However, don’t confuse it with “crocheting in the round” when you do not join the round together.

First, come to the end of the round, and pull up a long loop on your hook.

A crochet hook pulls up a loop of yarn in the no cut join method.

Next, remove the hook from the loop, and insert it from back to front in the first stitch of the round.

Insert a crochet hook from back to front to pick up the long loop of the no cut join method.

Next, place the long loop onto the hook, and pull the loop tight onto the hook.

Pull the loop of yarn tight around the crochet hook in the no cut join method.

Pull through the stitch, and chain 1.

Pull up one loop of yarn in the no cut join method.

No Cut Join Method is complete, and you can begin the next round.

The no cut join method is complete.

Finally, few things to remember…

  • Keep your yarn on the BACK of your work.
  • Pull tightly on the loops, or the join will be noticeable.
  • Practice makes it better!

Now, you added another crochet technique to your repertoire. I would know how you used this technique. Be sure to tag my on Instagram, or Facebook @highdesertyarn.

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