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When you scroll Instagram, do you notice those crocheted pieces that look knitted? You know, the hat that makes you do a double take, because you NEED to figure out how it is made? Well, not to worry. Today, I reveal how to make a hat look like knitted without learning how to knit. * * Spoiler Alert * * This stitch is super easy to learn! Basically, all you need to know is how to make a Single Crochet stitch. Are you ready to learn the Center Single Crochet (CSC) stitch?

What is the Center Single Crochet (CSC)?

The Center Single Crochet (CSC) is a stitch that is used to create colorful designs, such as letters or pictures, in a crochet piece. It can be used in the round or in rows. However, I find that it’s easiest to use and learn in the round which is pictured below.

Simply, the idea of the Center Single Crochet is to create a stitch in the center of the next stitch. For an example, look at the pictures below for a visual guide.

Want to practice this stitch? Here are some patterns that use it.


I crocheted this tutorial with an I/9 (5.50mm) crochet hook, and the Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn (worsted weight). Go grab your hook and yarn, and meet me at the next paragraph below!


First, locate the two “legs” of the next stitch. Insert your hook between the two legs. YO and pull through. YO and pull through all loops on the hook. Finally, the Center Single Crochet stitch is complete.

crochet tutorial center single crochet
crochet stitch tutorial center single crochet

In conclusion, this will be your next favorite stitch. Especially when you want that knitted hat, but just don’t want to learn how to knit.

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