This is an easy, beginner level crochet tutorial for the Confetti Baby Beanie – a free crochet pattern on my blog! Need a last minute baby gift? This pattern has you covered – it’s easily made in an evening while sipping a cup of tea.

crochet baby beanie

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Two new babies in my family, and this confetti-like yarn are two reasons how the Confetti Baby Beanie came to crocheted.

First, my family welcomed two new nieces this summer and fall! Of course, my go-to handmade gift would be a baby blanket, but a July baby, and an Arizona baby would be a little toasty. Plus, the 2nd or 3rd baby born in the family has PLENTY of blankets, am I right? In comes the idea for a quick + cute baby beanie to wear in any season!

Second, this Sewrella Yarn came to me at the end of the summer and screamed CELEBRATION! It looks like a tiny confetti cake worthy of a big celebration. Which leads to my final spot of inspiration for this baby beanie.

Last, this tiny baby hat is made to honor the three babies that are no longer with me. Much of this design was created in October during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and it’s a time of year that I hold these little ones closer to my heart. As I designed this beanie, I kept coming back to the notion – Every baby is worth celebrating – and that’s exactly what I aim to do this with design. There is so much more to say on the topic of pregnancy and infant loss, but the bottom line is… babies are precious, worth every second with have with them. If you’ve experienced this kind of loss, I see you, and I grieve with you. If you want to know a little more about my journey, you can read about it here.


All the stitches you need to know for this handmade beanie are the Half Double Crochet and the Double Crochet. This baby beanie is crocheted bottom up and in the round. The band is created by alternating Back Post Double Crochets and Front Post Double Crochets. New to this ribbing? Don’t worry! I’ve included links to photo tutorials for each stitch.

Yarn + Substitutes

When making a baby hat, you want to choose the softest, fluffiest yarn there you can find. For the Confetti Baby Beanie I chose a natural yarn in a lighter yarn weight (DK) — Sewrella Yarn Classic DK. The squish factor is unreal! However, since this yarn only releases once a month, it may not be the right kind for your project.

I worked up the gauge and/or a few rounds in a couple different yarns you can easily grab at your local craft store. Here are a few substitutes…

  • Lion Brand Mandala Yarn — This one was the closest to the Sewrella Yarn Classic DK in feel — so soft! I love the idea of making a matching baby blanket with the Mandala yarn, too.
  • Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton Yarn — This one was the closest to the squishy thickness to the Sewrella Yarn Classic DK. I use this yarn for the Cliffrose Headband, and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of all weather comfort.

Finished Size + Fit

This pattern includes the following sizes : Preemie, Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months, and 24 Months. All sizes are based off of the average head size for each age group. I used CDC growth charts here and here to determine sizes.

This baby beanie has a negative ease of 2″ for a snug fit. When in doubt, size up! Those baby heads grow fast.

Size Chart

Height Before
3 Months16″14″6″4″100
6 Months17″15″6.5″4.5″156
12 Months18″16″7″5″160
24 Months19″17″7″5″180
confetti baby beanie


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The Confetti Baby Beanie is an easy, beginner friendly infant and baby accessory. It uses two simple stitches, and a DK (category 3) yarn for all season comfort. Welcome the new babies in your life with this adorable top knot baby beanie!


  • Yarn – Sewrella Yarn Classic DK, category 3, 100% superwash wool, 250yds/ 115g
  • Crochet Hook – G/6 (4.25mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler


Experience Level = Beginner. You will need to have an understanding of the Half Double Crochet, and Double Crochet to begin.

Check your gauge! This is important if you want your beanie to be the same size as the pattern.

CH 1 or 2 at the beginning of a round DOES NOT count as a stitch.

No Cut Join Method. DO NOT count this join as a stitch. To hide the seam in the back, use this method. Join to the top of the 1st ST of the round instead of the CH 1 or 2. Refer to the Photo Tutorial in the Special Stitches Section for help. *Always use this method to join a round in this pattern.*

Crocheting the Ribbed Band with More Stretch. If you need a little more stretch in the first 3 rounds, I suggest going up a hook size to create the starting chain. Then, go back down to the G/6 (4.25mm) hook to crochet the ribbed band.

Yarn substitutes. This pattern was designed with a specialty, hand dyed yarn. This yarn may be hard to get. Therefore, I designed this pattern to work with any DK weight yarn. If you can’t order any Sewrella yarn, I suggest using Lion Brand Mandala, or Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn Cotton.


17 STS (in HDC) x 13 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square

Create gauge using the HDC.

Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking.

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

CH – chain
HDC – half double crochet
HDC 2tog – half double crochet 2 together
DC – double crochet
BPDC – back post double crochet
FPDC – front post double crochet
SL ST – slip stitch
ST(S) – stitch(es)
DEC – decrease


Pattern Instructions

Begin this beanie pattern by determining which size you’d like to make (see size chart). Find measurement A (Beanie Circumference), and chain until it reaches this length.

CH (A”). Join to beginning of the chain with a SL ST. Be careful not to twist the chain.

Round 1 : CH 2. Skip 1st CH. DC in each remaining CH around. Join to the top of the 1st DC with the No Cut Join Method*. (The stitch count for every round, before the decrease, will equal the stitch count for this round. ____STS)

Round 2 : CH 2. [BPDC in next ST, FPDC in next ST.] Repeat […] until the end of the round. Join to the top of the 1st BPDC with the No Cut Join Method. (____ STS)

Round 3 : Repeat Round 2

Round 4 : CH 1. HDC in each ST of the previous round. Join to the top of the 1st HDC with the No Cut Join Method. (____ STS)

Repeat Round 4 until the beanie measures B”.

Begin the decreasing rounds.

Round 1 (DEC) : CH 1. [HDC in next 2 STS, HDC 2tog.] Repeat […] until STS remain OR end of round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 2 (DEC) : CH 1. [HDC in next 2 STS, HDC 2tog.] Repeat […] until STS remain OR end of round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 3 (DEC) : CH 1. [HDC in next 2 STS, HDC 2tog.] Repeat […] until STS remain OR end of round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 4 (DEC) : CH 1. [HDC in next 2 STS, HDC 2tog.] Repeat […] until STS remain OR end of round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 5 (DEC) : CH 1. [HDC in next 2 STS, HDC 2tog.] Repeat […] until STS remain OR end of round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 6 (DEC) : CH 1. HDC 2tog in every 2 STS until STS remain OR end of the round. If STS remain, HDC in each ST. (____ STS)

Round 7 (DEC) : (Creating the tail for the top knot.) HDC in each ST. Do not join to the beginning of the round. Keep crocheting 1 HDC per ST until the tail measures 5″. HDC 2tog until 2-3 STS remain. The top of the tail will start to close during this last decrease.

Fasten off and weave end from the top of the tail down through the inside center of the tail. Cut the yarn at the base of the tail on the inside of the hat. This yarn end will be knotted with the tail in the next step on page 7.

Making the Top Knot

Place the Confetti Baby Beanie facing the front towards you. Wrap the tail around your left pointer finger clockwise. Your finger will create the hole for the end of the tail to go through.

Pinch the top of the tail with your right hand and cross it over your left pointer finger. The tail will make an X over your left pointer finger. Slide your left finger out, and leave a hole for the top of the tail to replace. Poke the top of the tail through this hole, and gently tug to secure the top knot.

Hooray! The Confetti Baby Beanie is finished!

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