Hello there! Here’s to a quick introduction. My name is Joanna. Most of the time I go by honey, or mama, but you can call me Jo. I’ve been married to my sweetheart for five years, and the mom of one feisty boy for two years. My husband is a National Park Service man and we currently reside in Grand Canyon National Park. I live in the middle of a ponderosa pine forest. A dreamland compared to Texas’ vast prairie land I grew up in! Oh, and I can’t forget my fur babies–two labradors and one Belgian malinios. We like dogs around here.

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A few of the reasons that I do what I do.

Crochet caught eye back in high school, but I didn’t develop a love for it until I started my nephew’s baby blanket. In late October 2013, I sat in a 30ft travel trailer (gotta love government housing) in Everglades National Park. My sister in law was due in November and the only thing I truly wanted to give my nephew was a baby blanket. Something handmade and from my heart that showed how much I cared for his life. There I sat on a floral couch, struggling through relearning technique and desperately trying not to forget my stitch count..again. That is where crochet hooked me. In the land of single crochet zig zags.

1528524_10200989277444228_558601833_nThe glamorous life David and I shortly lived. Floral couch, makeshift book shelf, and stash of yarn.

Four years later I sit in my Mission 66 house ready to turn my love of creating something useful with only a ball of yarn, a hook, and my hands into a business. This dream to build a business from the ground up continues to nudge my mind and heart. I can’t ignore it anymore. So here I am with a whole stockpile of yarn ready to step into a new adventure. Will you join me?


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