New Beginnings

Hello there! Here’s to a quick introduction. My name is Joanna. Most of the time I go by honey, or mama, but you can call me Jo. I’ve been married to my sweetheart for five years, and the mom of one feisty boy for two years. My husband is a National Park Service man and we currently reside in Grand Canyon National Park. I live in the middle of a ponderosa pine forest. A dreamland compared to Texas’ vast prairie land I grew up in! Oh, and I can’t forget my fur babies–two labradors and one Belgian malinios. We like dogs around here.


Crochet caught eye back in high school, but I didn’t develop a love for it until I started my nephew’s baby blanket. In late October 2013, I sat in a 30ft travel trailer (gotta love government housing) in Everglades National Park. My sister in law was due in November and the only thing I truly wanted to give my nephew was a baby blanket. Something handmade and from my heart that showed how much I cared for his life. There I sat on a floral couch, struggling through relearning technique and desperately trying not to forget my stitch count..again. That is where crochet hooked me. In the land of single crochet zig zags.


Four years later I sit in my Mission 66 house ready to turn my love of creating something useful with only a ball of yarn, a hook, and my hands into a business. This dream to build a business from the ground up continues to nudge my mind and heart. I can’t ignore it anymore. So here I am with a whole stockpile of yarn ready to step into a new adventure. Will you join me?


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