It’s officially Fall here on the South Rim, and I couldn’t be happier! Growing up in Texas, Fall was this mythical season that might show up by Thanksgiving. -maybe- I still remember swimming in a lake on my 13th birthday in early November. The local pecan trees turn from green to brown with no golden orange in between. Usually, the 34 degrees F mist swoops in on a 40 mph wind before North Texans have a chance to enjoy Fall.

In Northern Arizona it’s a different story. Once September hits, residents are left wondering if today is the last warm day of the year. Then, like a thief in the night, the warm days are traded for crisp breezes. It’s my favorite time of year, but it always catches me off guard.

The past week has left me in a bit of a mourning process. Growing season is coming to a close, the long days of sunshine are shortening, and soon I’ll be shoveling snow. In order to pick up my spirits, and honor the season settling in, I’ve been sipping chai tea and crocheting pumpkins. I must say, I adore how they’ve turned out. They add a cozy quality to any room they call home, and won’t break in tiny hands. The best part? They save perfectly from year to year. No more guessing when to buy decorative gourds, or have saggy pumpkins before Halloween. Their only downfall is that they won’t make very good Jack-o-lanterns.


The patterns can be found here (large) and here (small). If you’re interested in purchasing your very own pumpkin, please email me at!

Happy Fall, Y’all!
May you enjoy the riches of this season.

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