The Sierra Saguaro Crochet Keychain is simple + quick working crochet project. This pattern uses basic crochet techniques, and a little sewing to accomplish this American Southwest inspired design. Keep reading to discover the inspiration, and free crochet pattern, for the Sierra Saguaro Keychain.


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sierra saguaro crochet keychain high desert yarn


The inspiration for the Sierra Saguaro Crochet Keychain comes straight from the dry desert of Arizona where saguaro cacti stand tall amid the sage brush, barrel cacti, and agaves. This cactus keychain may not be nearly as tall as a real saguaro, but it’s non-pokey way to add desert vibes to your everyday style. But, Sierra is also holding onto a secret… there’s a little pocket to hold your favorite lip balm!

Lip balm is a MUST HAVE wherever I go. If I stick it in my pocket I risk forgetting about it, washing it, and melting it. Alternatively, the dial spins, and pushes the balm into the cap — yuck! So, the Sierra Saguaro Keychain provides quick access to my most needed travel companion in a very cute pocket.

sierra saguaro crochet keychain high desert yarn

Design for the Sierra Saguaro Crochet Keychain

The foundation for this keychain is simplicity. It uses basic stitches (Single Crochet + Chain) to create the body and arms. Then, they are sewed together, and a sweet saguaro blossom is placed on top. The best is part is the snuggly pocket to slide your lip balm into! You won’t regret making one for yourself, or several to give as gifts to your cacti loving friends. Keep reading for the free pattern, or buy the premium PDF pattern from Etsy or Ravelry. The premium pattern includes a full photo tutorial for assembly.

sierra saguaro crochet keychain high desert yarn

Yarn + Substitutions

The Sierra Saguaro Crochet Keychain uses a worsted weight (category 4), 100% cotton yarn. The pattern uses about 30yds total in two colors, so this makes this a great pattern for using up those tiny bits from your stash. However, if you want to make several for gifts, then a whole skein of yarn will make you a whole forest of saguaros!

The yarn used in this pattern is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton Yarn. Other ideal substitutions would be Love Crafts Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran, or Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. When considering substitutions, I recommend sticking to a 100% cotton, because it’s not as stretchy as an acrylic, or wool, fiber. The stretchier yarn may cause the lip balm pocket to be too big, and fall out easily. No one wants to lose their lip balm!

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sierra saguaro crochet keychain pattern high desert yarn


Buy an ad-free, printable PDF in either my Etsy or Ravelry Shop.



  • I Love This Yarn Cotton, worsted/category 4 (180yds/3.5oz, 165m/100g), 100% Cotton
    • You will need 2 colors total.
    • Total yardage is 29yds (MC = 25yds, CC = 4yds)
    • Substitutes : Any other worsted/category 4 yarn will work, preferably cotton. Substituting with another fiber may cause extra stretch, and may not hold the lip balm in.
  • Crochet Hook – G/6 (4.25mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Keychain Ring
  • Stitch Markers

Skill Level

Level 1 – Beginner (you will need to be comfortable with SC, CH, decreasing STS, and sewing)


Check your gauge! If you want your keychain to be the same size as the pattern, please check gauge prior to starting this pattern.

Chain 1 at the end of a row DOES NOT count as a stitch.

The Long Tails left at the beginning, and end, of a piece will be used to sew the cactus together.

Gauge + Finished Sizes

17 STS x 16 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square in FLO SC

  • Gauge is measured before blocking.

Finished Size

3.5″ long (after folding) x 1.5″ wide (body only, excluding arms)

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

CH(S) – chain(s)
SC – single crochet
FLO – front loop only
SC2tog – single crochet two together
SC3tog – single crochet three together
ST(S) – stitch(es)
MC – main color (green)
CC – contrasting color (ivory)
MR – magic ring
SM(s) – stitch marker(s)

Special Stitches

Front Loop Only

  • On the top of the row you are crocheting, you will see two loops. The back loop is the one further away from you, and the front loop is the one closest to you. Place stitches in this front loop only as indicated in the pattern. If you need more help with this technique, here is a video tutorial.

Pattern Instructions

Crochet the Body

This part is crocheted on either side of a starting chain to create an arch.

In MC, CH 28.

Row 1 : SC in 2nd CH from hook. SC in 25 CHS. 3 SC in last CH. Do not turn, but crochet along the other side of the chain. SC in 26 CHS. CH 1. Turn (55 STS)

Row 2 : SC FLO in 27 STS. 3 SC FLO in next ST. SC FLO in 27 STS. (57 STS)

Fasten off, and leave a long tail approximately 2 feet.. We will use this tail to sew the body of the cactus together to create the pouch for a lip balm.

Crochet the Arms

Each arm is crocheted in 2 parts, and sewed together before attaching to the body.

Create a slip knot with a long tail.

In MC, CH 7.

Row 1 : SC in 2nd CH from hook. SC in 2 STS. SC3tog. CH 1. Turn. (4 STS)

Row 2 : SC2tog FLO. SC FLO in 2 STS. (3 STS)

Leave a long tail approximately 2 feet, and fasten off by inserting the long tail through the CH 1 of Row 1. This is to create a rounded edge, and become the end of one arm. See the Assembly pictures for a tutorial.

Repeat the Arm 3 times to create two sides for two separate arms.

Crochet the Flower

In CC, create a MR, and leave a long tail.

Round 1 : SC 4 into the MR. Join to 1 ST with SL ST. CH 1. Do not turn. (4 STS)

Round 2 : SK 1 ST. SL SP FLO in 3 STS. Join to 1 ST with SL ST. (3 STS)

Fasten off, and leave two long tails approximately 1 foot each. Both long tails will be used to secure the flower onto the cactus.

Assemble the Sierra Saguaro Crochet Keychain

A photo tutorial for the full assembly is included in the printable PDF available for purchase in my Etsy and Ravelry Shops.

Sew Lip Balm Pocket

With wrong side facing up, count 26 STS up left side of the body, and place a SM. Repeat on the right side. Fold the bottom of the body (straight edge) up, and line up the last stitches with the SMs. Here, you can place your lip balm inside the pocket for correct fit. Place SMs through both fabrics, and begin to sew along the edge of the body to the fold. Double up on stitches in the first and last stitches. At the bottom, gently weave the needle through a few stitches, and sew up along the other side. Securely fasten, and weave in end.

Finishing Each Piece of the Arms

Fasten off the ending tail (the yarn end you were crocheting with) by sewing it through the remaining loop, and back into the first slip knot. Sew it through the last stitch of the arm. Fasten off, and weave end into the wrong side of the arm. This creates a rounded edge for the end of the cactus arm. Repeat for the remaining 3 arm pieces.

Sewing the Arms Together

Lay two pieces next to each other, and wrong side up. Take care that the slanted/straight edges match up. Place one piece on top of the other. A right side will be touching a wrong side. Use a remaining tail to sew around the edge of both fabric. Fasten at the end, and weave the end through the inside of the fabric. Repeat for the second arm.

Sewing the Pieces Onto the Body

Position the arms, and flower, on the body where you’d like them to sit. Sew them on in place, and fasten. Last, add the keyring to the top of the cactus, and securely sew into place. Insert your chosen lip balm, and take your new saguaro adventuring!

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