Inside – The Mariposa Crochet Bookmark Pattern is a must-make addition to any personal library. Learn how to crochet it with this free pattern.

If you’ve been in a group of avid, passionate readers, then you’ve debated over which format is the king in the land of books. No format is better than the other, because we each absorb information differently. So, how do you read your books? If you’re a physical book lover (like me), then you’ll love making this Mariposa Crochet Bookmark Pattern.

A bookmark is a placeholder. Standing sentinel in your book, so you don’t lose your spot. But, a bookmark also is a placeholder for your memory. I love using a special photo, or a note form my kids as a memory placeholder. When you make the Mariposa Crochet Bookmark Pattern, you create a memory holder for yourself, or for the person you’re gifting it to.

Learn to make this stunning crochet bookmark pattern with this free tutorial.

Inspiration + Design for this Crochet Bookmark Pattern

I considered one factor during the design phase for the Mariposa Collection (blanket, bookmark, coaster) – meditative. At the end of Fall 2022, many makers either start to wind down or ramp up. The Mariposa Collection focuses on repetitive stitches to ease any burdens you carry.

The Mariposa Crochet Bookmark Pattern uses the Moss (Linen) Stitch with the Slanted Puff Stitch to create lovely texture. Both stitches balance each other in terms of speed – the Moss Stitch moves quick while the Puff Stitch takes a little longer.

Ready to stitch up the Mariposa Crochet Bookmark? Scroll down for the free pattern, or purchase an ad-free, premium PDF, in my Ravelry Store.

Learn to make this stunning crochet bookmark pattern with this free tutorial.

Yarn + Substitutes

If you’re one of those people that get a giddy using up all the bits of a yarn ball, then you’ll love this stash buster crochet bookmark pattern. Using only 50 yards of a fingering weight yarn, you’ll turn that leftover skein into something wonderful.

The Mariposa Bookmark uses leftover Phantom Ranch Sock (hand dyed by me) in the Lone Grove color. Last summer, I crocheted the beautiful Lupine Shawl designed by Crochets by Trista in the Lone Grove, and ended up with a partial skein. For the bookmark, I love how the colors pool and splash around with the hand dyed yarn.

Love the look of this yarn? Try one of my hand dyed yarns for the Mariposa Crochet Bookmark.

A fingering weight yarn is ideal for a crochet bookmark pattern since it creates a thinner fabric to place in a book.

Pattern Instructions


Thank you for choosing this free pattern as part of your crochet journey! It’s an honor for you to be here, browsing the High Desert Yarn Blog. This pattern is 100% free for you to crochet from, but please, do not screenshot, or copy+paste this pattern. However, work directly from this webpage. The ad revenue from this website allows me to offer free crochet patterns. If you do not like the scrolling, or ads, then you may purchase the ad-free PDF in my Ravelry Store. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy creating! -Joanna (Owner + Creative)

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  • Yarn
    • Phantom Ranch Fingering, fingering/category 1 (436yds/100g), 75/25 SW Merino Wool/Nylon
      • Hand dyed yarn from High Desert Yarn
      • Approximate Yardage Needed – 50yds
      • Substitutes : Any other fingering/category 1 yarn will work
  • Crochet Hook – C/2 (2.75mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle


Experience Level = Advanced Beginner. It will help if you have an understanding of the Single Crochet, Chain, and Puff Stitch before starting this pattern.

Check your gauge! This is important if you want your bookmark to be the same size as the pattern.

CH 1 at the end of a row DOES NOT count as a stitch.

Blocking is optional. However, it will help to relax the stitches, and even the edges.

Gauge + Finished Size

25 STS x 22 Rows = 4″ x 4″ Square

  • Create gauge using the stitch pattern from the Written Instructions
  • Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking
  • Stitches are counted on the Moss ST row
  • [TIP] Since the gauge is thinner in width than the bookmark, crochet the starting chain, and Row 1. Measure this row for the stitch gauge. If you’re happy with the length of Row 1, then you can crochet the remainder of the pattern.
    • If you need to change the length of the bookmark, start your beginning chain with an EVEN number of chains.

Finished Size

  • Length – 6.75″
  • Width – 3″

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

CH(S) – chain(s)
SC – single crochet
PUFF – puff stitch
ST(S) – stitch(es)

Special Stitches

Moss Stitch

This stitch is a combination of a Single Crochet and Chain. Written instructions are given in the pattern [CH 1. SK next ST. SC in the next ST.] As the Moss Stitch builds, you will place SCs into the CH SP of a previous row.

Here are two more resources to help you with this stitch.

  • Photo Tutorial – Click Here
  • Video Tutorial – Click Here

Slanted Puff Stitch

You will fall in love with this stitch! It combines a SC and a PUFF ST. In the pattern, you will skip 1 ST, SC in the next ST, and then PUFF ST into the stitch you skipped.

  • Video Tutorial – Click Here

How to Crochet a Puff Stitch

YO and insert hook into ST. YO and pull up one loop (3 loops on hook). YO and insert hook into same ST. YO and pull up one loop (5 loops on hook). YO and insert hook into same ST. YO and pull up one loop (7 loops on hook). YO and pull through all 7 loops. Puff Stitch is complete.

Written Instructions

CH 44

Row 1 : SC in 2nd CH from hook. [CH 1. Skip CH. SC in next CH.] Rep […] across the row. CH 1. Turn. (43 STS)

Row 2 : SC in 1st ST. SC in next ST. [CH 1. Skip ST. SC in next ST.] Rep […] across the row. SC in the last ST. CH 1. Turn. (43 STS)

Row 3 : SC in 1st ST. [CH 1. Skip ST. SC in next CH.] Rep […] across the row. CH 1. Turn. (43 STS)

Row 4 : SC in 1st ST. SC in next ST. [CH 1. Skip ST. SC in next ST.] Rep […] across the row. SC in the last ST. CH 1. Turn. (43 STS)

Row 5 : Skip 1st ST. SC in next ST. PUFF in the skipped ST. [Skip ST. SC in next ST. PUFF in skipped ST.] Rep […] until 1 ST remains. SC in last ST. CH 1. Turn (43 STS)

Row 6 : Repeat Row 5

Rows 7 – 10 : Repeat Rows 3 – 4 twice.

Repeat Rows 11 – 16 : Repeat Rows 5 – 10

Fasten off and weave in ends. Block if desired.

Adding the Fringe

Fringe is optional, but it adds a little flair to your finished bookmark. For 10 spots of fringe (5 on each side), cut 20 pieces of yarn to 12″. Select 2 pieces of yarn, and fold over in the middle to make a loop. Use your crochet hook to pull the loop through the end of the bookmark. Insert the ends of 2 pieces through the loop. Pull gently to fasten the knot. Repeat until you’re done with the fringe.

  • Video Tutorial – Click Here –

Copyright Policy

You are free to use this crochet pattern to make and sell the final product, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. DO NOT claim it as your own in part or in whole. Please give credit to High Desert Yarn, as the designer, in your listings, on your blog, or social media platforms. All images are property of High Desert Yarn. Do not use any of these images as your own.

Did you fall in love with the Mariposa Stitch?

Then, you’ll love crocheting this meditative blanket – the Mariposa Blanket.

High Desert Yarn is made possible by YOUR support. Thank you for reading this blog post, and helping build High Desert Yarn. Happy Creating, Joanna

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