Happy {late} Valentine’s Day!

However, I’m not exactly late celebrating it. Today (the 17th) is when my husband proposed seven years ago. The best surprise of my life! We usually give each other some sort of Valentine on the 14th, but I prefer to reserve most of the celebrating until today. 

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart. As a kid, I woke up to cards from my mom and dad, and usually chocolate! I still remember the little pin (Winnie the Pooh hugging a heart) my mom gave me in 4th grade. Let’s not forget about the shoe boxes turned into Valentine Mail Boxes for school parties! All around, I enjoy Valentine’s Day.

In anticipation for the holiday this year, I made these little amigurumi hearts, stuck them on a stick and called them a Heart Bouquet. They look beautiful on my living room bookshelf. I bought some conversation hearts for a vase filler, and viola! Long-lasting, simple Valentine’s Day decor! Click here for the pattern I used.

A few things I learned about amigurumi while working on this project…

1. There is a wrong side and right side, even if the pattern doesn’t state it.
2. Under yarn is a thing, and very helpful to keep the stitches tight.
3. You can’t add too much stuffing!

Curious about starting an amigurumi project? Check out this website… All About Ami. I found it extremely helpful for a beginner. 

I hope the people you love most filled last week with so much Valentine’s joy!

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