The Solstice Beanie Crochet Pattern works into a fitted winter hat. It uses a bulky weight yarn to work up quickly. Also, the bulky yarn adds some extra warmth for cold winter days. Keep reading to learn more about this design.

solstice beanie free crochet pattern high desert yarn

Inspiration for the Solstice Beanie

The Solstice Beanie is a take on a ribbed crochet hat, but with more elegance. It’s inspired by simple knit + purl beanies, and a winter sunrise. I adore the way knit beanies stitch up in a bulky weight yarn, and I wanted to try my hand at creating a crochet version of a knit-like beanie. If you love those simple knitted beanies, but prefer to use a hook, then this pattern is right for you.

solstice beanie free crochet pattern high desert yarn


K2P2.. Please Give Me the Crochet Lingo

Each year I pick up one knitting project. It’s not going to make me an expert knitter, but it’s a good break for my brain to switch to a different fiber art. Plus, I don’t design knit patterns, so it takes the pressure of perfection off a bit. However, I love an easy knit hat in a bulky weight yarn. So, I designed a CROCHET beanie that looked similar to a knit beanie.

The overall look of a knit fabric is simple. Now, that’s not to undermine knitting, or claim that it’s easy. There is a flow to knitting – like smooth water – that is tricky to get with crochet. That’s where the FUN is found! As I stitched up my latest bulky knit cardigan over the winter holidays, I wondered if I could achieve the same LOOK but with crochet. So, in stepped in the Center Single Crochet (CSC).

Center Single Crochet – A Workout for Your Hands

Originally, I worked up this beanie with the CSC to mimic a knit stitch. This is also called the Waistcoat Stitch. The Center Single Crochet is used in the Snowy Walk Ombre Hat, and it did just fine. Changing my yarn weight, and alternating stitches every two stitches, caused my stitches to lean a little left. Plus, my tension was too tight for the CSC, and caused some achey hands. Um, no thank you. After a quick frogging fest, I started again but swapped the Single Crochets for the Half Double Crochets.

Voila! A Solution is Found

Now, the Solstice Beanie features lovely knit-like stitches with the Center HALF Double Crochet instead of the Center Single Crochet. New to this stitch? Don’t worry – here’s a video tutorial to walk you through it.

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solstice beanie free crochet pattern high desert yarn

Yarn + Substitutes

Last Fall (2021), I developed a whole Winter Collection of hand dyed yarn. You can shop all of it here. My FAVORITE colorway was Solstice. She’s this creamy mix of yellow, peach, pink. purple, and blue – all the colors you’d see in a clear winter sunrise. Once she dried, designing a crochet pattern was a no brainer.

Solstice is hand dyed on a 100% Superwash Merino Wool. It is a Bulky weight (category 5) yarn. Feel free to substitute with any bulky weight yarn, but you won’t regret it if you use that merino wool! Always check gauge when changing yarn or hook size.

Tips to Crochet with Hand Dyed Yarn

  • Alternate skeins if you want a more even spread of the colors.
  • Know when a skein is color pooling v. variegated
  • Don’t be afraid to use up your hand dyed yarn stash
  • Use a gentle wool wash to protect the fibers, and dye job
  • Add a splash of acid (like white vinegar) to the wash bin to preserve dye job
solstice beanie free crochet pattern high desert yarn bulky weight yarn

Finished Size + Fit of the Solstice Beanie

The Solstice Beanie is a snug fitting hat without room in the crown – this is not a slouchy beanie. The brim completely covers the ears without folding over. The last few rounds decrease to create the snug fit without any bulk in the crown. This beanie has 2″ of negative ease in head circumference, and 0″ ease in the height.

Refer to the chart below to determine your size, and approximate yarn needed.


The free version of the Solstice Beanie includes the Adult Medium. You can purchase an ad-free PDF that includes all sizes in either my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store.


  • Yarn
    • High Desert Yarn North Rim Bulky, bulky/category 5 (137yds/100g), 100% SW Merino
      • You will need 70-173 yds total (see size chart for approx. yardage)
      • Substitutes : Any other bulky/category 5 yarn will work
  • Crochet Hook – K/10.5 (6.50mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Tape Measure
  • Stitch Markers


Experience Level = Intermediate. You will need to have an understanding of the Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, difference between front, back, and third loop, and how to decrease stitches. It is also helpful to know how to change your tension in a pattern.

Check your gauge! This is important if you want your beanie to be the same size as the pattern.

There are no turning chains in the body. Crochet from round to round continuously, without creating a chain, or joining the rounds with a SL ST.

Right Side v. Wrong Side. As you crochet the body, the Right Side will be facing you at all times. The Wrong Side is the inside of the beanie. The band is also crocheted with the Right Side (outside) facing you at all times. On the band, the ribbing will show on the Right Side (outside) of the beanie.

Construction Tips. This beanie is crocheted in two parts. First, the body is crocheted in-the-round with decreases in the last few rounds for a fitted (non-slouchy) beanie. Second, the band is crocheted onto the the foundation chain, and with the rounds joining at the first and last stitch.

Use Stitch Markers. Place a SM in the 1st ST of the round to keep track of where each round starts and ends.


11 STS x 11 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square

  • Create gauge using the stitch pattern below.
  • Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking.
  • The gauge swatch is worked in rows.

Gauge Pattern

CH 15
Row 1 : HDC in 2nd CH from the hook. HDC in each CH across. CH 1. Turn. (14 STS)
Row 2 : [HDC BLO in next 2 STS. CHDC in next 2 STS.] Repeat […] until 2 STS remain. HDC BLO in last 2 STS. (14 STS)
Row 3 – 12 : Repeat Round 2 until the swatch is 4″ tall.

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

  • CH – chain
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • CHDC – center half double crochet
  • HDC BLO – half double crochet back loop only
  • SC2tog – single crochet two stitches together (decreasing stitch)
  • SC – single crochet
  • ST(S) – stitch(es)
  • SL ST – slip stitch
  • SM – stitch marker

Special Stitches

Center Half Double Crochet (CHDC)

First, Yarn Over and insert hook between the two vertical bars that make the “V”. Next, Yarn Over and pull up loop (3 loops on the hook). Last, Yarn Over and pull through all loops on the hook.

If you need help with this stitch, please use the following resources.

Crocheting in the Back Loop Only (BLO) and 3rd Loop Only (3rd LO)

These techniques are used to add texture to crochet fabric. They are often used to create crochet ribbing. In this pattern, the BLO mimics a Purl Stitch (knitting stitch), and the 3rd LO is used to make ribbing on the band.

If you’re brand new to either technique (or need a refresher) I suggest reviewing the video linked below. It explains the differences between crocheting in the Front, Back, and 3rd Loop.

Solstice Beanie Pattern Instructions

Adult Medium (Head Circumference 22″)

Make the Body of the Beanie

  • Remember to crochet in the round without joining or turning!

CH 57

Round 1 : HDC in 2nd CH from the hook. HDC in each CH across. Join to 1st ST with a SL ST, and be careful to not twist the round. Do not turn, or stitch a turning chain. (56 STS)

Round 2 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO in next 2 STS.] Repeat […] until end of the round. (56 STS)

Rounds 3 – 13 : Repeat Round 2

Round 14 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO 2tog.] Repeat […] until end of round. (41 STS)

Round 15 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO. HDC BLO 2tog. HDC BLO.] Repeat […] until end of round. (35 STS)

Round 16 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO. HDC BLO 2tog.] Repeat […] until end of round. (28 STS)

Round 17 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO 2tog.] Repeat […] until end of round. (21 STS)

Round 18 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO. HDC BLO 2tog. HDC BLO.] Repeat […] until 3 STS remain. CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO in the last ST. (17 STS)

Round 19 : [CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO. HDC BLO 2tog.] Repeat […] until 3 STS remain. CHDC in next 2 STS. HDC BLO in the last ST. (15 STS)

Round 20 : SC2tog around until 1 ST remains. SC in last ST. (8 STS)

Fasten off, and leave a tail long enough to close the top of the beanie. Close the top of the hat by threading a tapestry needle with the long tail, and weaving through every stitch of the last round. Pull tight, and fasten with a knot. Weave in end.

Make the Brim of the Beanie

  • Follow these instructions for each size.
  • The brim of the beanie is crocheted into the foundation CH. Turn the beanie upside down, and find the 1st ST of Round 1. This is where the brim is started – join the yarn with a SL ST in this ST. CH 1, and proceed to Round 1 (below).
  • If you need to add length, repeat Round 3 as needed to increase.
  • Join these rounds with the No Cut Join Method

Round 1 : HDC in each CH around. Join to 1st ST. CH 1. Do not turn. [36 (44, 48, 52, 56, 60) STS]

Round 2 : HDC in the 3rd Loop in each ST around. Join to the 1st ST. CH 1. Do not turn. [36 (44, 48, 52, 56, 60) STS]

Round 3 : Repeat Round 2

Fasten off and weave in end.

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