Inside – Your must-have accessory for every adventure you’ll take in 2023. Make the Arvensis Crochet Headband with this free pattern.

Today is the first mild winter day of the New Year – hurray! So, you decide to take the kids on a hike after a very cold, damp winter. It’s chilly enough for a warm jacket to keep the sneaky wind out, but you decide to leave the hat and gloves at home. Besides, your hands nestle into pockets, you basically lived in Antartica all winter, and you built your cold tolerance pretty stout.

You arrive at the trailhead, unsaddle and settle everyone on the trail. Then, you start to hike at a small child’s pace which is the pace of a snail who’s not in a hurry, and who needs to collect every rock on the trail. There are a lot of rocks.

Now, your problem tickles your skin with the chill seeping into your skull. That cold tolerance doesn’t match the sluggish pace of the hike, and the rocks weighing you down in your pockets.

Your hands warm in the pockets, but your ears would like an earwarmer.

Make the Arvensis Crochet Headband for a warm accessory this winter.

Inspiration + Design for the Arvensis Crochet Headband

By now, your handmade wardrobe includes several winter hats. But does your handmade wardrobe include an earwarmer? The Arvensis Crochet Headband doubles as an earwarmer to keep that late winter chill out when you explore a new trail, walk the dog, or prep the garden for Spring.

The Arvensis Crochet Headband is designed for every woman who loves to explore. Our chosen trail may take us through a Winter Forest – crunching last Autumn’s leaves under our boots. Or we may be trekking down a sidewalk in search for a great cup of coffee and a local bookstore.

No matter where you find yourself, you’ll want to pack the Arvensis Headband in your daypack.

It’s lightweight, packs down into a pocket, but full of warmth on those chilly days.

Ready to stitch up the Arvensis Crochet Headband? Scroll down for the free pattern, or purchase an ad-free, premium PDF with all sizes included, in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store.

Making the top knot of the Arvensis Headband is easier than it looks.

Yarn + Substitutes

Before I dive into what kind of yarn I used, hear this – use whatever yarn you feel like using. The Arvensis Headband makes for a great stash buster crochet project. But, it also makes for a special project with yarn picked out with extra care. It’s a small enough project to experiment with a new yarn, so maybe it’s time for a yarn adventure!

Did you opt for a yarn adventure? Try one of my hand dyed yarns for the Arvensis Crochet Headband.

Try a hand dyed yarn for the Arvensis Crochet Headband to give yourself a little luxury.

Whenever I start a new crochet project, I like to ask myself these questions..

  • Who will be using this finished piece?
  • How will it be used?

Answering the “Who” and “How” will give me the “What” yarn to use to finish the piece. If you’re making this headband to be used while running, or for for hiking/camping, consider an acrylic yarn. It make the headband easy to wash all the sweat and dirt out. If you intend the headband to dress up your outfits, consider using a hand dyed yarn in a favorite colorway.

What yarn did I decide to use for the Arvensis Crochet Headband?

Both. I needed a new headband for winter running, so I made one with a 100% Acrylic yarn. But, I also wanted a headband to match the Arvensis Sweater that is designed in a hand dyed 100% SW Merino Wool.

You can have the best of both worlds, just make sure your yarn is a Worsted Weight (category 4) yarn. Always check your gauge when starting a new project!

The Arvensis Crochet Headband is an ideal accessory for winter exploring.

Pattern Instructions


Thank you for choosing this free pattern as part of your crochet journey! It’s an honor for you to be here, browsing the High Desert Yarn Blog. This pattern is 100% free for you to crochet from, but please, do not screenshot, or copy+paste this pattern. However, work directly from this webpage. The ad revenue from this website allows me to offer free crochet patterns. If you do not like the scrolling, or ads, then you may purchase the ad-free PDF in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy creating! -Joanna (Owner + Creative)


  • Yarn – Worsted Weight/category 4
    • You will need 70-173 yds total (see size chart for approx. yardage)
    • Substitutes : Any other worsted/category 4 yarn will work
  • Crochet Hook – J/10 (6.00mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Tape Measure


Experience Level = Advanced Beginner. You will need to have an understanding of the Half Double Crochet, and placing stitches between the posts of stitches.

Check your gauge! This is important if you want your headband to be the same size as the pattern. If you need help with gauge, please email Joanna at

CH 1 does NOT count as a ST.


12 STS x 12 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square

  • Create gauge using the Arvensis Stitch
  • See Special Stitches for a tutorial.
  • Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking

Finished Size + Fit

The Arvensis Headband is a snug fitting headband that is wide enough to fully cover the ears. This headband has 2″ of negative ease in head circumference.

This free pattern includes the Adult Small size only. All 6 sizes (Baby through Adult Large) are available for purchase in the HDY Etsy Shop, and Ravelry Store.

Adult Small – 21″ (head circumference)
Finished Circumference – 19″
Finished Width – 3.5″
Approximate Yarn – 55yds

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

CH – chain
HDC – half double crochet
ST(S) – stitch(es)
SK – skip

Special Stitches

Arvensis Stitch

For this row, make sure you’re going BETWEEN the posts of the stitches (under all 3 loops of the half double crochet in the previous row). Do not place any stitches in the row below. This isn’t a Spike Stitch, but a cluster of 2 HDCs. Also, there are no chain spaces in this stitch sequence, just well placed stitches.

(Row 2 Example) Start Row 2 with a HDC in the 1st ST. Now the repeat begins. [Skip the 2nd ST. Skip the 3rd ST. Then, put 2 HDCs between the 3rd and 4th STS.] Repeat the […] until there is one stitch left in the row. Put a HDC in the last stitch.

Once you repeat this row a few times, you’ll begin to see the separation between the spaces and the placement of the 2 HDCs will become easier.

Here is a video tutorial to help with the Arvensis Stitch.

Written Instructions

CH 57

Row 1 : HDC in 2nd CH from the hook. HDC in each CH across. CH 1. Turn. (56 STS)

Row 2 : HDC in the 1st ST. [SK 2 STS. 2 HDC between the next 2 STS.] Rep […] until 1 ST remains. HDC in the last ST. CH 1. Turn. (56 STS)

Rows 3 – 9 : Repeat Row 2

Leave a long tail for seaming the ends together. Follow the How to Make a Top Knot video tutorial here.

Top Knot Video Tutorial

Copyright Policy

You are free to use this crochet pattern to make and sell the final product, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. DO NOT claim it as your own in part or in whole. Please give credit to High Desert Yarn, as the designer, in your listings, on your blog, or social media platforms. All images are property of High Desert Yarn. Do not use any of these images as your own.

Did you fall in love with the Arvensis Stitch?

Find more Arvensis Stitch Patterns below.

High Desert Yarn is made possible by YOUR support. Thank you for reading this blog post, and helping build High Desert Yarn. Happy Creating, Joanna

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