This is a beginner friendly tutorial for the Pumpkin Spice Wall Hanging – a free crochet pattern on my blog! Keep reading to discover the Inspiration for this design, and the step by step process I use to create it.

pumpkin spice wall hanging

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Inspiration + Design

Fall is quickly approaching, and I love to add at least one new pumpkin to my collection every year. Shelves are sparse in my house, since the baby grew into a toddler with curious fingers over the summer. Crocheting another plush pumpkin was not an option this year.

The Pumpkin Spice Wall Hanging is ideal for any wall space, but I love that mine hangs over the living room book shelf. It measures at 11″ wide and 15.5″ long, making it perfect for a small space.

Yarn + Substitutes

This pattern uses a Lion Brand Hometown USA–a super bulky / category 6 yarn. It works up quickly so that you can easily create a finished item in an afternoon. Sometimes the short and simple crochet projects are the best for feeling accomplished.

lion brand hometown usa

You can certainly substitute the LB Hometown USA for another super bulky yarn like Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. Be sure to check your gauge if you choose to use a different yarn!

pinterest image for pumpkin spice wall hanging


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The Pumpkin Spice Crochet Wall Hanging is an easy, beginner friendly home decor piece. It uses two simple stitches, and a super bulky (category 6) yarn. Crochet this project in an afternoon, and add some autumn spice to any room!


  • YarnLion Brand Hometown, super bulky/category 6, (142g/5oz, 74m/81yds)
    -You will need 3 colors total. Yardage to make the wall hanging (without
    tassels) for each color as follows : MC = 42yds, CC1 =15yds, CC2 =36yds,
    – 5.5″ long tassels (2) in color of choice = 15yds
    – Substitutes : Any other super bulky (category 6) yarn will work. If
    changing the yarn, be sure to check gauge.
  • Crochet Hook – M/13 (9.00mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Dowel or Stick
  • Extra piece of yarn, crochet thread or twine for hanging

Gauge + Finished Size

8 STS (in HDC) x 6 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square
Create gauge using the HDC.

Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking.

Finished Size

11″ width & 15.5″ long (without tassels)

Skill Level

Level 2 / Advanced Beginner

This pattern is ideal for a crocheter who wants to try their first wall hanging. You need to have an understanding of how to read a color work chart, and be familiar with the half double crochet stitch.


Check your gauge! This is important if you want your wall hanging to be the same size as the pattern.

CH 2 at the end of a row DOES NOT count as a stitch.

Catch the floats. Since the back of this piece will not be visible, crocheting over the non-working yarn is not necessary. Instead, leave it “floating” on the back of the wall hanging. Every 3-4 stitches, “catch” the float by crocheting over it for 1 stitch. This method avoids lateral tension on the wall hanging, and prevents the non-working showing through to the front of the piece. See the image below for an example.

Read the color chart. The Puff Stitches in CC2 to create the pumpkin look like they are placed in a strange organization. Trust me and follow the chart exactly! 

Do not CH 1 to “lock” the Puff Stitch. This will jumble the Puff Stitches and cause ruffling in the fabric, since Puff Stitches are placed next to each other in this pattern.


American (US) terms used throughout.

CH – chain
HDC – half double crochet
PUFF – puff stitch (new to the Puff Stitch? check out this photo tutorial!)
YO – yarn over
ST(S) – stitch(es)
MC – main color
CC1 – contrasting color 1
CC2 – contrasting color 2

Pattern Instructions

Follow the color work chart as a guide.

Chain 22 in CC1.

Row 1 : HDC in the 3rd CH from hook, and in each CH until the end. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Row 2 : HDC in each ST until the end of the row. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Row 3 – 4 : Repeat Row 2. Cut yarn and weave in end.

Now, the frequent color changes begin. Refer to the Color Work Chart for a visual guide. The following are the written instructions.

Row 5 : HDC 7 MC, PUFF 6 CC2, HDC 7 MC. CH 2. Turn. (14 HDC/6 PUFF STS)

Row 6 : HDC 6 MC, PUFF 6 CC2, HDC 8 MC. CH 2. Turn. (14 HDC/6 PUFF STS)

Row 7 : HDC 5 MC, PUFF 10 CC2, HDC 5 MC. CH 2. Turn. (10 HDC/ 10 PUFF STS)

Row 8 : HDC 4 MC, PUFF 10 CC2, HDC 6 MC. CH 2. Turn. (10 HDC/ 10 PUFF STS)

Row 9 : HDC 3 MC, PUFF 14 CC2, HDC 3 MC. CH 2. Turn. (6 HDC/ 14 PUFF STS)

Row 10 : HDC 2 MC, PUFF 14 CC2, HDC 4 MC. CH 2. Turn. (6 HDC/ 14 PUFF STS)

Row 11 : HDC 5 MC, PUFF 10 CC2, HDC 5 MC. CH 2. Turn. (10 HDC/ 10 PUFF STS)

Row 12 : HDC 4 MC, PUFF 10 CC2, HDC 6 MC. CH 2. Turn. (10 HDC/ 10 PUFF STS)

Row 13 : HDC 7 MC, PUFF 6 CC2, HDC 7 MC. CH 2. Turn. (14 HDC/ 6 PUFF STS)

Row 14 : HDC 6 MC, PUFF 6 CC2, HDC 8 MC. CH 2. Turn. (14 HDC/ 6 PUFF STS)

Cut the CC2 yarn and weave in end.

Row 15 : HDC 9 MC, HDC 2 CC1, HDC 9 MC. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Row 16 : HDC 9 MC, HDC 2 CC1, HDC 9 MC. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Row 17 : HDC 8 MC, HDC 2 CC1, HDC 10 MC. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Cut the CC1 yarn and weave in end.

Row 18 – 21 : HDC in each ST until the end of the row. CH 2. Turn. (20 STS)

Do not fasten off the yarn. You will attach the dowel (or stick) using a crochet hook in the next step.

Color Work Chart

Trust the chart! This color work chart looks a little strange, and that the stitches will not align into a pumpkin. However, if you follow this chart (or the written instructions) along, your wall hanging will come out beautifully. If you need any help with this chart, please email me at

How to Read the Chart
Bottom to Top
Odd Rows — Right to Left
Even Rows — Left to Right

pumpkin spice wall hanging color work chart

Adding the Tassels

First, flip your work over so that the wrong side (wall side) is facing you. We will be using the slip stitch to attach the hanging to the dowel. Sewing the dowel on is certainly an alternative to the slip stitch!

Next, slip stitch in each stitch across the top of the wall hanging. Be careful to wrap the yarn AROUND the dowel in each stitch! Fasten off and weave in ends.

Last, cut a long piece of crochet thread (yarn or twine) to hang the piece on the wall. Securely tie it onto the dowel on either side of the fabric, and trim an excess crochet thread. Now, it’s ready to hang!

twine on pumpkin spice wall hanging

Making + Adding the Tassels

Making yarn tassels is pretty simple. If you’re new to making tassels, click here for an easy photo tutorial to create them.

materials for yarn tassels for pumpkin spice wall hanging

After making the tassels, it’s time to add them to the bottom corners of your wall hanging.

Place your wall hanging right side up, and locate the two bottom corners. This is where each tassel is placed.

Tie the tassels onto the wall hanging with the long strands at the top of the tassel’s “head”. Thread the tapestry needle with one strand, and insert the needle from front to back in the corner.

Tie a double knot with both strands, and thread the ends through the center of the tassel’s “head” and “neck”. Repeat with the second tassel.

Congratulations! You’ve crocheted a beautiful wall hanging. Place in your favorite spot, and enjoy!

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