I originally wrote this post a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, it was an encouragement to myself this morning. I’ve been having a rough go at mothering a two year old lately. Why are mothers the full time punching bags and emotional trash cans for their kids? Thank you, Mom, for putting up with ALL of my toddler fits and loving me through it all. Because some days, I just want to stop. But then, I get the sweetest kiss and hug. Or I see him with fresh eyes. My heart softens and mothering becomes a little easier.

There’s something about being outside that uplifts the spirits. When we’re having a rough day.. whether it’s due to lack of sleep, or whining, or boredom.. if I make the effort to get Owen and I outside, the day turns around. How on earth is fresh air rejuvenating for the soul?

Today, I wanted to get Owen outside and in the forest. He’s been asking to “hike canyon” for the past week. We weren’t able to make it below the rim (or even up on it), but we sure enjoyed the meandering walk almost to Shoshone Point. The best part about this walk was letting go. Relaxing my control is hard for me. Becoming a mom has made it even harder. Usually our walks end up with a frustrated momma, crying toddler, and being late to our destination.

It is such a joy to watch Owen explore the world around him. I forget to stop and notice how he learns. Observation is possibly the greatest tool I have as a mother. When I slow down to fully observe, I discover how to be a better mom.



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