Introducing Miss Emma

If you’ve been following me lately on Instagram or Facebook, you know that my family welcomed our newest member two months ago–Emma Marcene. We love her to pieces, and she transitioned into our family seamlessly. It’s as if she was always meant to be with us!

Love my little baby carrot on her Hugs n Kisses Baby Blanket!

About two weeks ago, I finally finished her baby blanket! HURRAY!! I choose the Hugs n Kisses Baby Blanket Pattern by Jeanne Steinhilber. It’s been circulating on my Pinterest feed for several years, and always caught my eye. You know, that ONE thing that keeps showing up everywhere you look online. For me, it was this blanket.

Overall, I love how this pattern worked up. The texture from the bobbles, and detail from the cross double crochet stitches, give this blanket a whimsical flair. The yarn I used was Yarn Bee’s Soft Secret (the solid colors), and Yarn Bee’s Soft and Sleek (the multi purple color). I hadn’t worked with either yarn before this project, and it yielded to a great learning experience! The blanket came out h e a v y. My best guess is that the Soft Secret is a heavier yarn. I like to think that Emma will feel extra secure under her weighted blanket! Haha. It’s also in a 4 worsted weight category, but worked up closer to a 3 DK weight yarn. This caused me to go down a hook size. Oh the joys of learning new things!

High Desert Yarn Update

Let’s real talk for a minute… Life with a newborn has hit me like a tornado. The struggle to take care of my family, the house, my friendships, and still tend to this blog is beyond real. For that, forgive me as I find a new balance. This website, hobby-turned-business still brings me unbelievable joy and purpose. For that, it is something I choose to cultivate. Thank you for giving me grace, and sticking around with me!

As I hone in on what matters most in this business, I’ve decided to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode during this realignment. I chose to do this because I want my focus to be on creating new patterns, and sharing parts of my life with you. However, I would still love to work with you on a custom order! Email me at OR message me through Instagram (@highdesertyarn) or Facebook (@highdesertyarn). You can also still access the Cliffrose Headband Pattern on Ravelry here.

Even in the midst of groggy mornings, cluster feeding, piles of laundry, and endless dog hair, I have been working on several designs. They all seem to be coming to the finish line, and my hope is to give you more content more often.

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As always, happy creating! Here’s one of Emma’s favorite faces..

Emma's first stroller walk. She was super enthused, but at least she was cozy in her Hugs n Kisses Baby Blanket!

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