A baby blanket is one of my favorite things to make, especially if it’s going to be a gift. Nothing is sweeter than wrapping a baby up in a handmade blanket! Baby blankets are also what originally got me hooked on crochet and the idea of opening up my own business. You can read more about my heart behind High Desert Yarn here. In honor of High Desert Yarn’s beginnings, I wanted to give a Hugs & Kisses crochet baby blanket update on its progress.

The last few weeks I’ve started on my daughter’s blanket. This project has been put off countless of times! As much as I enjoy making blankets, big projects weigh me down. Why? Because I need that satisfaction of holding a quickly finished piece in my hands. So, I’ve only made it this far on my daughter’s baby blanket.

Hugs & Kisses Crochet Baby Blanket about halfway done!

Just about halfway with ONE week until D-Date (Due-Date)! Eek!

Pattern : Hugs & Kisses Baby Blanket from The Crochet Crowd found here
Yarn : Yarn Bee Soft Secret in Lilac, Avocado, White, and Seafoam; Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek in Purple Multi

However, I LOVE these colors! It satisfies the Spring Fever still burning strong over here. Lately, I can’t get enough of the Arizona sunshine and the sprouting leaves on my fern bushes.

I chose these colors because I’m not exactly the everything pink for a baby girl kind of person. Also, I grew up with buttercup yellow walls, and I’m down right over soft yellows, too. Greens and purples inspire me to think outside the box, and go explore my imagination. I hope it inspires little girl, too.

The past month has been bittersweet for me.

First, I’m not 100% ready for my life to change and shift again. Business-wise, I’m making small, significant headway and I don’t know how running business with a newborn in my arms looks like. Or do they even have a place together?

Second, this is probably my last pregnancy. As much as I’d love to have more than two kids, I’m not ready to roll the dice again after this pregnancy. If it takes 1-2 miscarriages for me to have a healthy baby, I’m not okay with going through the loss again. (If you want to hear more about this part of my story, click here and here.)

Third, I am definitely mourning the time I get to spend with my firstborn, Owen. He is my sunshine, and rainbow after every storm. I know his sister will bring me equal joy, but I have cherished every moment of being only Owen’s mom. His toddlerhood has been this crazy ride of exploration, stubbornness, fearlessness, abundant cuddles, and so. much. laughter.

Regardless, my daughter’s birthday is approaching… and I gotta get this blanket done! I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite memories of Owen and I over the past 3 1/2 years.

Our first hike into the Grand Canyon. Owen at 6 months.
Oh, how I miss that beach blonde surfer hair! I’d always tell him to “shake his mane” like a lion. Owen at 18 months.
Hiking in Sedona last March. Owen at 2.5 years.

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