Are you as obsessed with crochet wall hangings as much as I am? You’re in luck! Dive through this roundup blog post to discover 20 crochet wall hanging patterns to make this week!

This time of year is absolutely perfect for crocheting anything small to medium since the weather is warming up, and our living spaces may need a face lift. Crocheting a blanket during the weather warming up sounds like a great way to get a sweat workout in. So let’s opt out for the next few months.

20 crochet wall hangings

Reasons to Crochet a Wall Hanging

Fresh Decor Piece
Sometimes our living spaces need to change to help us breath easier in our homes. Buying a new piece of furniture, or collecting fine artwork might not be options. However, yarn, a crochet hook, and a pattern is a powerful combo in creating a new piece of art at a low cost. One skein wall hangings are ideal, but a stash buster project is just as effective.

New Summer Baby Gift
What on earth do you make for a summer baby?! A crocheted wall hanging is quickly becoming a fan favorite for those warm weather and warm climate babies. Also, a bonus is that the parents can decorate the newborn’s nook in their bedroom, and move the wall hanging to the baby’s bedroom when it’s time to transition. Another tip — keep the color palette modern and neutral to create a lasting piece of art to transition out of the baby’s room as the baby grows up.

Find Your Crojo Again
This is the best reason to pick up a crochet wall hanging project. Taking a break from crochet is needed and necessary, but you can loose your momentum if you step back for too long. If you’re in this place, pick out one of these patterns and get to work!

Confidence from Completing a Project
The right wall hanging is short and sweet, which makes it a great confidence booster! Those marathon crochet projects are exhausting and thrilling all at once. But, man, it is NICE to FINISH a project, right?! Start and finish a crochet wall hanging in a few days, and you’ll remember what it feels like to finish something. It may even give you more patience and endurance to get back at that marathon crochet project!

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20 crochet wall hangings

Crochet Wall Hangings

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  1. Is the wall hanging bundle available to purchase , I like so many of them. Can’t wait to start on several. Thanks.

    1. Hi Denise! I’m sorry, but this isn’t a bundle available to purchase. I’m so glad you love several of these patterns! Some of them are free, but most designers will have an inexpensive PDF to purchase. Thank you for reading!

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