Pick out and decorate a Christmas Tree? Check.
Put Christmas lights on the house? Check.
Make Christmas cookies? Check.
Scan the Target Dollar Spot for modern Christmas decor? Check.
Add a yarn pom pom garland for a handmade holiday?  …uh, not yet..

Today I have you covered, maker mama! In this tutorial I’m going to show you the cutest way to turn popsicle sticks and leftover yarn into a fun, whimsical and Anthropologie inspired pom pom garland. Dig through your yarn stash, make a quick run to the local craft store, and come ready to combine every day items into this trendy Christmas garland.

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Materials Needed

4.5″ craft popsicle sticks (35 sticks total)
Leftover yarn, or 1 skein of yarn (I’m using my leftover balls from Lily Sugar n Creme Yarn)
Twine (10′ in length)
Sharp Scissors
Glue gun with extra glue sticks (or any other sturdy glue)

As an added bonus, I created this FREE printable guide to help you glue the the sticks in the right spot. Originally, I tried to free hand making the stars and it didn’t work very well.

Making the Stars

First, download and print out the free star template. As you’re waiting for the template to print, plug in the glue gun so it’s nice and hot when you need it.

This picture shows the star template, glue gun, and where to place the glue sticks around the template.

Next, lay out the template, and place one popsicle stick along one dotted line. Add a dot of glue to one end, and place a second popsicle stick at that end and along the next dotted line. Follow the dotted lines around until the star is complete. After the third popsicle stick, I added an extra glue dot between where the first and third sticks cross to provide more stability. Feel free to add glue dots throughout. Repeat until you have enough stars. I stopped at seven.

This shows where to place an extra glue dot to provide more stability to the star. The glue dot should be placed where the first and third popsicle sticks cross.

Making the Pom Poms

Cut about a 10″ piece of yarn. Grab your fork and place the yarn through the middle space of the fork. The yarn will run parallel with the fork and be even on each side.

First step in making the pom pom. Place the 10" piece of yarn down the middle of the fork.

While holding the fork and yarn in your hand, place the other yarn under your thumb and begin to wrap the yarn around the fork. Keep wrapping until the fork is full.

Hold the fork and yarn in your left yarn. Wrap the yarn around the fork to create the pom pom.

The more wraps, the fluffier your pom pom will end up. In the pictures, I used two strands of yarn to make the pom pom two toned. [Hint: it also makes the pom pom work up faster.]

Wrap the yarn around the fork many times to create a full and fluffy pom pom.

When you’re done wrapping the yarn, gently slide the 10″ piece of yarn around all the strands. Pull tight, tie several knots, and leave a long tail. We’ll use that tail to attach the pom pom to the garland.

Tie the 10" piece of yarn around the unfinished pom pom.

The unfinished pom pom should look like this.

An unfinished yarn pom pom ready to be cut and shaped.

Now, take your sharp scissors and cut through all those little loops.

Cutting the yarn loops of the pom pom.

After you’re done cutting, roll the pom pom between your hands like a ball of dough. This will start the fluffing and shaping process. Next, cut off the extra ends as you create a little round pom pom. Roll it between your hands once more, and you’re done! Repeat until you have enough pom poms.

Assembling the Garland

Take your twine and cut a piece as long as you need. This garland is hanging on my kitchen bar top, and I used about 10′ of twine with 7 stars, and 10 pom poms. To evenly place the stars and pom poms, you can start in the middle and work your way out. Or you can create your unique pattern for the space you’re decorating.

First, add the stars to the garland. Take a byte of yarn and insert the loop from back to front under one point. Bring that loop over the top of the point and to the back. Place a glue dot between the twine and star. Hold down until the glue is set. Repeat for the remaining stars.

Second, add the pom poms by tying each one onto the twine between each star, or as desired, with a simple bow.

Last, hang it up, stand back, and enjoy your new modern and whimsical Christmas garland!

A yarn pom pom and wooden popsicle stick star garland hanging in the kitchen.

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