Inside – Do you love crocheting pumpkins? Browse these pumpkin crochet patterns to add a few more gourds to your collection.

UPDATED on October, 27, 2023 to add more pumpkin crochet patterns and check if the older links are working. Plus, a new intro! Enjoy this updated roundup of crochet patterns.

Fun Fact about High Desert Yarn – crocheted pumpkins were the very first item I made and sold on Etsy in 2017. If you’re curious about these pumpkins, you can read this very short blog post here. Once I discovered crocheted pumpkins, I thought all my pumpkin problems would be gone. Finally, I could decorate with fiery orange gourds that wouldn’t get moldy or eaten by the neighborhood elk.

Crochet Pumpkins continue to be my favorite decor item for Autumn. Not only do they last from year to year, but they hold memories that the real ones can’t. My favorite part is pulling one of the pumpkin plushies out and remembering the year I made it. It’s a small time capsule of all the Falls since 2017.

Pumpkin Crochet Patterns for Your Own Home

In this crochet pattern roundup, you’ll find 22 Pumpkin Crochet Patterns for your home and head. The decor options vary from pillows, cozies, amigurumi plushies, and treat bags. Also, there are several crochet pumpkin hat patterns to choose from. What is better than a baby wearing a pumpkin hat? Classic. My hope is that you’ll find a pattern or two to make this year. As you crochet them, add your favorite autumn memories. It might be fun to add a quick note about your favorite Fall 2023 memory to it when you pack it away this December.

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Pumpkin Crochet Patterns

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