Inside – Want to try overlay mosaic crochet? Give the Skadi Hills design a go! Find the free chart in this blog post.

Can I introduce you to someone? Her name is Ruth. One day, Ruth is minding her own business, watching her favorite TV show, when her most-loved TV character bounces into view wearing the cutest nordic fair isle knit sweater.

Inspiration strikes, so she picks up her phone to flip open her Pinterest App. With thumbs hovering over the search bar, she realizes one key thing… Ruth doesn’t knit, but she can crochet. She searches for “crochet nordic sweater pattern”.

That’s when the rabbit hole begins, and now she’s pinning all sorts of patterns called “overlay mosaic crochet”. But, the only problem is that she’s never tried this technique, and it looks difficult.

Overlay Mosaic Crochet – Not that difficult

Surprise, surprise… Ruth’s story is similar to how I began mingling with overlay mosaic crochet. I’d go searching for a new crochet colorwork pattern, and end up finding big, billowy overlay mosaic crochet blanket patterns. Instantly, my brain categorized those projects as “looks too complicated to try”.

So, how did I get from “too complicated” to designing mosaic overlay crochet? By diving into a pattern, and with encouragement from Erin Toews (Juniper & Oakes). When she says, “It’s only Single Crochet and Double Crochet,” she means it. If you know how to work those two stitches, you will be able to work up these “looks too complicated to try” patterns.

Skadi Hills Inspiration

If you’ve been a fan of High Desert Yarn or Juniper & Oakes since 2021, then you know that Erin organized a Nordic C2C Blanket CAL for last fall. My design is the lovely zig zag pattern inspired by all those classic fair isle zig zags. Take a look at the pattern here. So, this year Skadi Hills returned in the form of overlay mosaic crochet.

What’s up with “Skadi”?

Skadi is the nordic goddess of winter, hunting, skiing, and mountains. Therefore, the Skadi Hills design is the place where the goddess can ramble on. In some ways, I gather a bit of Skadi’s energy when I’m in the forest. She senses an inner peace and connection with wild nature, and I also feel most at home traipsing through the woods.

As an ode to all the wild wandering women, the Skadi Hills Overlay Mosaic Crochet Pattern is made in your honor.

Need to save this pattern for later? Pin it to your favorite Crochet Board.

Where to find this crochet pattern?

The Nordic Overlay Mosaic Afghan CAL

Now, we’ve already chatted about how overlay mosaic crochet isn’t so difficult. So, I dan’t want you to start the cold sweats from looking at this afghan. It starts with the beginner friendly, Hygge Cross design by Juniper & Oakes (the bottom stripe), and ends with Skadi Hills. Each stripe is available as a free chart from the designers – find all those links here. But, the ebook contains everything you need to learn overlay mosaic crochet.

Nordic Overlay Mosaic Crochet e-Book

Includes everything you need to make this blanket with ease. You can also gain a ton of encouragement from other crocheters in the Juniper & Oakes Crochet Community on Facebook. Every time I need a kick in the pants to keep working on my afghan… I head there. Join the community group here.

What comes with the e-Book?

  • Charts
  • Written instructions
  • Border
  • Finishing touches
  • Video tutorials
  • Pictures
  • & more

Pattern Instructions


Thank you for choosing this free pattern as part of your crochet journey! It’s an honor for you to be here, browsing the High Desert Yarn Blog. This pattern is 100% free for you to crochet from, but please, do not screenshot, or copy+paste this pattern. However, work directly from this webpage. The ad revenue from this website allows me to offer free crochet patterns. If you do not like the scrolling, or ads, then you may purchase the ad-free PDF in my Etsy Shop. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy creating! -Joanna (Owner + Creative)


  • Yarn – Worsted/Medium Weight (category 4) 100% Acrylic
    • Color A (white) is the background color.
    • Color B (black) is the design color.
    • Both colors correspond to the white and black squares of the chart.
  • Crochet Hook – I/9 (5.50mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle


Color Changes – Each row is crocheted with a single color (Color A or Color B).

Cut yarn after each row – Do not weave in ends. Once the blanket is completed, there will be an envelope border to enclose all the ends.

Border Stitches – Each row begins and ends with a Center Single Crochet. This stitch is made under BOTH top loops. Click here for a photo tutorial.

BLO SC – Every Single Crochet (besides the border stitches) is made in the back loop only. 

FLO DC – Every Double Crochet will go in the front loop of the 2nd row from the one you’re working in. So, skip the row you normally work in, and crochet into the Front Loop of the next row below.

Turning the work – Do not turn your work. Always crochet from the Right to Left (right handed crocheters) or Left to Right (left handed crocheters).

Gauge + Finished Size

14 STS x 12 Rows = 4 x 4″ Square

Finished Size for a 53 ST Chart – 8.5″ H x 16″ W

Stitch Abbreviations

  • FSC – foundation chain in single crochet
  • CH(s) – chain(s)
  • SC – single crochet
  • BLOsc – back loop only single crochet
  • FLOdc – front loop only double crochet
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • Color A – white
  • Color B – black

Special Stitches

BLOsc – Back Loop Only Single Crochet

Insert hook in the back loop (the loop furthest away from you) of the top two loops to create a stitch.

FLOdc – Front Loop Only Double Crochet

Insert hook in the front loop (the loop closest to you) of the top two loops to create a stitch.

If you need any help figuring out which loop is WHICH LOOP, then this video tutorial will help.

Free Crochet Chart

Copyright Policy

You are free to use this crochet pattern to make and sell the final product, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. DO NOT claim it as your own in part or in whole. Please give credit to High Desert Yarn, as the designer, in your listings, on your blog, or social media platforms. All images are property of High Desert Yarn. Do not use any of these images as your own.

Ready to make the whole blanket?

  • Find all the charts on the Juniper & Oakes Blog – click here
  • Upgrade to the Blanket eBook – click here
  • Join the Juniper & Oakes Facebook Community for more mosaic inspiration – click here

High Desert Yarn is made possible by YOUR support. Thank you for reading this blog post, and helping build High Desert Yarn. Happy Creating, Joanna

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