The Turquoise Canyon Super Bulky Scarf is an easy, beginner friendly crochet pattern. It features the Double Crochet to make a lace-like fabric in a super bulky weight yarn. This crochet scarf flies off your hook in no time! Keep reading for the free crochet pattern.

turquoise canyon super bulky crochet scarf pattern high desert yarn


Fun Fact – the Turquoise Canyon Super Bulky Scarf is my first published crochet pattern. Shocker! Chances are.. you have no idea that it is even in my pattern library on the blog. I don’t promote it much because.. well, you’ll see. Disclaimer : I had NO clue there was such a thing as STANDARDS in the crochet community. I saw different ways of writing a pattern that I went with a writing style that made sense to me. If you want to join me in a good laugh at a younger me who was as green as green could be.. you can find the original blog post here.

So, why am I writing a whole new blog post for it now? Because I want to keep the original intact as a reminder of where I started. Creativity is such a beautiful journey. The more time I put into becoming a better crochet artist, the more I can look back and see how much I’ve grown.

turquoise canyon super bulky crochet scarf pattern high desert yarn

Inspiration + Design

The inspiration behind the Turquoise Canyon Super Bulky Scarf is what would a beginner crocheter like to make. This crochet pattern sprang from the fresh knowledge that comes with stepping out of a beginner level. At the time, I best understood how a beginner thought. My hope is that this crochet pattern encourages beginner crocheters to continue their journey to learn more, and go deeper with this artform.

The design revolves around two key points — simplicity, and not time consuming. As a beginner crocheter, it’s important to pick projects that will excite you. Grab that blanket pattern because it looks relaxing to make. Start a beanie because you’ll be able to finish it in a weekend. Make a scarf for your friend because she values handmade over store bought.

The Turquoise Canyon Super Bulky Scarf is..

  • Simple in design and crochet techniques
  • Quick working over a weekend
  • Relaxing to stitch with easy to remember repeats
turquoise canyon super bulky crochet scarf pattern high desert yarn

Yarn + Substitutes

Yarn is one of the most important aspects when starting a crochet project. Each weight, and fiber content, stitches up differently, and can be manipulated by the hook size. This blog post won’t go in-depth on all the different varieties out there. However, this pattern calls for a super bulky yarn to create a stunning, warm scarf, but also make it easier for a beginner.

This super bulky scarf specifically uses Lion Brand Hometown USA. It is a 100% acrylic yarn in a super bulky (category 6) weight. I used the colorway Key Largo Tweed (81yds/142g) to add a pop of color to my winter wardrobe. But, there are many different color options on the Lion Brand Website. Your local yarn store may carry this yarn, too.


  • Wool Ease Thick + Quick by Lion Brand Yarn
  • Yarn Bee Effortless Super Bulky by Hobby Lobby
  • Red Heart Stellar by Red Heart Yarns
  • Paintbox Yarns Simply Super Chunky by Love Crafts

Pro Tip – Whenever you substitute yarn, be sure to make a gauge swatch (and measure it!) before starting any crochet pattern. This prevents a finished project not turning out the size you expected.

turquoise canyon super bulky crochet scarf pattern high desert yarn

March 2022 CAL

The Turquoise Canyon Bulky Scarf is the featured pattern for the HDY Handmade Community to work on throughout the month of March. The monthly CAL is a relaxed, work at your own pace, event. You can opt in, or opt out. But, my hope is that if you’re stuck in a crocheting rut, or don’t know what to make this month, then the Turquoise Canyon Bulky Scarf can help you.

Join the HDY Handmade Community on Facebook here. I’ll be sharing tidbits about this pattern throughout the month of March 2022.

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You can purchase an ad-free, printable PDF pattern in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store.


  • Yarn
    • Lion Brand Hometown, super bulky/category 6 (64yds/113g), 100% Acrylic
      • You will need 231yds total
    • Substitutes : Any other super bulky/category 6 yarn will work
  • Crochet Hook – M/13 (9.00mm) or correct hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Tape Measure


Experience Level = Beginner. You will need to have an understanding of the Double Crochet.

Check your gauge! This is important if you want your scarf to be the same size as the pattern.

CH 2 at the end of a row DOES NOT count as a stitch.

Chainless Starting Double Crochet (CSDC). Any time you see the “CH 2” as a turning chain, you may substitute it the Chainless Starting Double Crochet. The CSDC is a trick to keep the edges of crocheted fabric straight. See the Special Stitches section for a photo tutorial. However, if you want to keep this scarf extra easy/beginner friendly, then I would stick to the “CH 2” as a turning chain.

Row Repeats. The only time you crochet into the foundation chain is for Row 1. After you complete a full row repeat (Rows 1-6), crochet the next row into the stitches of the row before it. Ex. For Row 7, DC in each ST of Row 6.

Gauge + Finished Size

8 STS x 4 Rows = 4″ x 4″ square

  • Create gauge using the Double Crochet Stitch
  • Gauge is measured BEFORE blocking

Finished Size

  • Length – 80 inches
  • Width – 6.5 inches

Stitch Abbreviations

American (US) terms used throughout.

  • CH – chain
  • DC – double crochet
  • YO – yarn over
  • ST(S) – stitch(es)
  • CH SP – chain space

Special Stitches

Chainless Starting Double Crochet (CSDC)

Turn your work so that you are starting a new row. Pull up a loop as tall as a DC. Wrap hook around the loop you pulled up. This acts as ONE loop on the hook making TWO loops on the hook. Insert hook into the 1st ST. Yarn over and pull up one loop. There are THREE loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through TWO loops. Yarn over and pull through remaining TWO loops. The CSDC is complete.

Pattern Instructions

Chain 15

Row 1 : DC in 3rd CH from the hook. DC in each CH until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (13 STS)

Row 2 : DC in each ST until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (13 STS)

Row 3 : DC in each ST until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (13 STS)

Row 4 : DC in 1st ST. [CH 1. Skip 1 ST. DC in next ST.] Repeat […] until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (7 DC, 6 CH SP)

Row 5 : DC in each ST until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (13 STS)

Row 6 : DC in 1st ST. [CH 1. Skip 1 ST. DC in next ST.] Repeat […] until end of row. CH 2. Turn. (7 DC, 6 CH SP)

Repeat Rows 1 – 6 eleven (11) times or until desired length.

Rows 73 – 75 : Repeat Rows 1 – 3.

Regardless of length, the last 3 rows of the scarf should all be DC to make the ends of the scarf even. Once your scarf is long enough, fasten off and weave in the ends. Ta-da! You’ve made a brand new, beautiful scarf to bundle up with. Wear with joy!

turquoise canyon super bulky crochet scarf pattern high desert yarn

Alternate Endings

There are a few ways to make this scarf a little different, and more unique to your personal style. Here are a few ideas with tutorials…

  • Make it an Infinity/Circle Scarf instead of an Open/Straight Scarf.
    • Crochet the Repeat Rows 1-6 nine (9) times instead of 11. Do not add the extra Rows 1-3 at the end. Instead, sew the ends together to make an Infinity/Circle Scarf. Be careful not to twist the scarf before you sew! This length will be 60 inches.
  • Add Tassels to the end of an Open/Straight Scarf.
  • Add Fringe to the end of an Open/Straight Scarf.
    • Cut strands of yarn twice the length of the fringe. I like to start with 12″ strands and trim down after attached. Double each strand over and attach them with a crochet hook.
    • Once all strands are attached, trim to make them even.

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